Seattle Seahawks – World Champions

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This video chronicles the Seahawks championship over the Denver Broncos and the pieces assembled by coach Pete Carroll.


Joseph Vincent says:

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for you


seems the trend is lucky teams winning it all anymore. the Flacco flukes,
now the seahawks, too bad skill doesn’t win. though it seems like seattle,
with all their corruption, paid someone off last season. two birds in a row
winning it all? and this year is no different than last, how lucky can a
damn team get? almost makes me want to stop watching this fiasco league, we
all know who’s going again, and prob gonna win…just a tad obvious to some
of us

IsupportTsunami says:

Seattle didn’t even work for their championship, NFL is rigged and Denver
gave them a free super bowl. 

darkangelsoaps says:

I love the video. I really do. But what about Doug Baldwin’s critics and
his story of being undrafted and called pedestrian and the highlights of
his Super Bowl touchdown? His story fits perfectly with the others. Plus he
had a sweet move on about six Broncos. I know we scored a lot and its a lot
to fit in the video, but he was the only one left out. I feel bad for the
guy. Thanks as always for the great video though. I love how you put your
vids together like a movie. Great work.

EatOrLumby says:

I hate the damn women singers, get some manly opera guy to bang out the
anthem instead of squealing

Matt Lauer says:

You should definitely make an Andrew Luck video

James Richards says:

Whats that very still and beautiful background music, theme whatever from
the start to 1:33? Please let me know if you do.

Bob Boy says:

oooohhhhh, that was a sad night. #denverbroncos 

zion small says:

i was soo happy that i all most jumped out of a window (no joke)

patriots20002 says:

You’ve gotta make a Kurt Warner video! He has a great story please!

AppleJackGaming says:

sigh I remember in 2011 when the Seahawks were the worst team in the

nik connors says:

does anyone else hate skip bayless as much as I do?

Bryan Pena says:

I’m a pats fan….the seahawks are gangsta tho. Bullying erbody like they
owe them money. Coolest team out there right now

Casey Coats says:

This is the best video I’ve ever seen of the Seahawks

lucas john says:

As a fan of seattle since 2014 im so happy that they won.

sscswimmer1 says:

I only have two complaints about the superbowl, one was that I was really
hoping that Kam would come up with the MVP with the way he played
throughout the playoffs and in that game. The other was the Gatorade dump
was done with like 2 mins left in the game. Even though they secured the
win I still didn’t really like that.

Snagalishus Man says:

Joseph, you’ve made the best sports videos I’ve ever seen. This, the one
about Tiger and the one about Brady are my favorites, keep the videos

JohnE Canuck says:

Do it again!

Rogerio Robson says:


Myles Hamilton says:

whats that song that starts playing when percy harving returns the kick at
around 5:02

Jordan Dewey says:

I just LOVE haters man. Because you know the only reason they would waste
their time by watching a Seahawks video and talking shit about the
Seahawks, is because they are so unbelievably pissed and jealous at how
damn good we are. Man, what a great feeling it is to see that.

ShariSez1 says:

Obviously the experts ain’t. It was fun watching them all eat crow though.

Charles Ikner says:

Greatest underdog victory in the NFL ever. Go hawks

Bubba James says:

The 49ers will bring yalls ass, back to reality next season, Think yall are
invincible,No fucking way, My prediction 49ers -Seahawks once again in the
NFC championship,This time The 49ers will take it and you Seachickens will
be crying like lil bitches. Have fun 1 year wonders.

MyChannel says:

Just wanted to thank you for an incredibly classy compilation. This video
is phenomenally professional. The selection of clips that were pieced
together: perfect! The musical score (selection): creative and motivating.
I especially love the application of “Sweet Emotion” to coincide with
“Beast Mode”! ;-> I love the Pete Carroll clips, they were perfectly
selected and truly “close the loop” that was opened upon his hiring. THANK
YOU!!! Can’t wait to see what you do for the Seahawks Superbowl XLIX
Championship in 2015. ;-> 

Jefecino says:

2:10 track name plz :P

Della says:

These Highlights are nutty

Matias Wiebe says:

amazing video. GO SEAHAWKS. you should make more videos like that.

Jerlen Vega says:

Can’t touch Manning huh, funny how it played out.

can'tBEARit o_O says:

“WORLD Champions”???

hm…. OK.

RobNation84 says:

664 points…. and only 8 of them were against Seattle… and that is why
they lost the Super Bowl… enough said! #choke!

Wealthy Peasant says:

What’s the piano music?

Rainbow Slushie says:

Whats the ending song?

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