Seahawks vs Cowboys: heartbreaking loss! Awesome fan reaction/view! (Norb-Cam)

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The Seahawks suffered their second loss of the season at the hands of the Dallas Cowboys. It was a nailbiter with multiple lead changes, but in the end, the ‘Boys prevailed with an amazing conversion on 3rd & 20. Extended pre-game fun includes Mama Blue, John Bachner, Blue Thunder and country/rock band, Latigo Lace with guest singer, Norb-Cam!

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Norb-Cam says:

Check out Norb’s wild journey to St. Louis for the Rams game and the
“Ambush at the Arch!” with the Midwest Seahawkers!

DallasCowboy41 says:

Murray is new beast mode took lynches spot 

Ken Ruiz says:

Like going on roller coaster ride, except this ride made you sick. To lose
at home I’m sure was a bitter pill to swallow. Not to mention a gloomy kind
of a day. Did not see any sunshine. Good post Norb-Cam. Not many fans post
the losing side of things. Cowboys fans will respect that. Right? Love your
honesty when you see plays not go our way too, unlike those who see it
another way. Keep it up my friend, keep it up and thanks.

tim carlyle says:

There is no bird that is called a seahawk but there is a seagull

Jet Yang says:

That kid in the beginning lol SeaCOCKS lost i bet he cried

David Matskovsky says:

Hey Norb what if the Seahawks play the Jets lol. You guys will probably win
especially since we lost last time we played u guys but you should do a
Norb Cam vs Dave Cam lol . Naw I’m just messin but It’s your decision 

PylonProductions says:

These videos are awesome! I’m actually a Cowboys fan, but it’s great to see
the game from inside the C-Link! I like the split view too! Best of luck to
the Hawks the rest of the way! And keep up the awesome work Norb!

Luis Treto says:


jose Rodriguez says:

any idea when you’re going to upload todays game? 

Hasan adu-gyamfi says:

on that last play, wilson should have went deep to harvin

qato72 says:

AMEN…. Lemme ask ya one thing, is it the structure of the stadium or the
FANS that never had anything to root about since steve Largent & co.? not
being sarcastic, just curious how LOUD your stadium is, or is it
both(structure & fans)? Jerry World made it so HUGE that our crowd noise
doesn’t resinate in the field like yours & others.

Berry Windsor says:

how do u get the tickets u go to like to every game

Patrick Rothlisberger says:

thk u from switzerland

cooldude101478 says:

Marshawn lynch won’t be a Seahawk next year

Bryce Merion says:

What’s happening to us Norb? Still love watching your videos! Even if we

David Matskovsky says:

Did you go to the Rams game?

TheOnlyUltimatum says:

Norb isn’t biased he knows a good or bad call when he sees one. Enjoyed
watching your reactions hope y’all turn the season around. 

daddyseahorse says:

there was a lot of holding by the cowboys refs are blind GO HAWKS!

2canplay@thatgame says:

When will the Rams game be posted?

MrRussian2023 says:

This was painful

ICEMAN27 says:

Go HAWKS!!!!….

DallasCowboy41 says:


Norb-Cam says:

Seahawks vs Cowboys: heartbreaking loss! Awesome fan reaction/view!

Minecraftwiththe12thman says:

I have no words :-(

chris leonard says:

Didn’t see this game so glad it’s out finally 

Ricardo Garcia says:

Pussy ass bitch. You lick dick bitch. Niners for life

Toru Yokoi says:

Mick Jagger Norb! I mean Norb Jagger!!

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