Seahawks-Redskins Monday Night Football Win: best away Norb-Cam yet!

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It was good, bad and ugly, but a win is a win. Join Norb-Cam and guest stars Mark Collins, Mook Skywalker and the Blu Water Bistro patrons as Russell Wilson makes Monday Night Football history and lifts the Seahawks to 3-1, tied for first place in the NFC West. This is the most fun you’ll ever have watching a game on YouTube! Please comment! Haters welcome!


darkangelsoaps says:

Im stoked, Norb! The Seahawks/Cowboys game is being aired on TV here in
Kentucky!! I get to see it live!! Go Hawks!!! I will look for you in the
stands buddy!!!

poet253rd says:

Jinx? I don’t believe in that. No offense but a guy on the opposite end of
the country making a statement about the game isn’t going to cause anything
to happen, especially someone with no ties to the actual game itself. Kam
got beat. They switched and he got burned. Would’ve happened whether Norb
commented or not. 

Seattle Seahawks5668 says:

That game was a little scary 

Michael Meacham says:

Hey Norb at the Cowboys game can you STFU cause I want you to stop jinxing
us lol

Alex Ray says:

Thanks for this awesome video norb can’t wait for this Sunday GO HAWKS!!!!

Phillip Isayev says:

Kam was playing flat but got off because he diagnosed the play, Sherm was
in cover 3 and there happened to be two vertical routes on Sherm’s side.
Naturally Verticals are Cover 3’s kryptonite. So Sherm had the impossible
task of guarding two players with one zone, and Kam made a beautiful read
to abandon his flat coverage and follow D-Jax, Good plays by Earl Kam and
Sherm but just not fast enough to stop the play

Norb-Cam says:

Seahawks-Redskins Monday Night Football Win: best away Norb-Cam yet!
#SEAvsWAS #Seahawks #GOHAWKS

poet253rd says:

After a while, it was tough listening to your CFL buddy. 

Toru Yokoi says:

You might want to change the opening part of these game videos since Harvin
is really gone now… Lol

Anita Bly says:

Norb, awesome session! I LOVED the energy and play/penalty debates between
you and Mook Skywalker!!! Wouldnt mind seeing more of you two! Keep it
up! Not looking forward to next chapter – Cowboys but I’ll still watch
cause Im a fan!!! #GoHawks!

minecraft 4ever says:

Norb can u replay can u start doin gaming vids its optional like maden 15
and stuff

Ken Ruiz says:

I enjoy reliving the games you post here. Plus I noticed your vids are much
longer this year too. Keep up the good work. But take note Norb. If you
need a time out I totally understand.

Next now is the Cowboys in Seattle. I will never say it will be easy or any
other games the Seahawks play this year. I must confess though. This game
against Dallas will be hard for me to watch. Reason? My wonderful wife is a
true to the bone Cowboy fan. She thinks the Cowboys don’t have a chance to
win in Seattle. And that kind of thinking scares me. I’ll be on the edge of
my seat all day again. Know what I mean Norb? I’m about ready to get some
kind of health issue the way my Seahawks are playing this year.

Go Hawks!!! Beat them Cowboys.

elias juva says:

you are BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! norb-cam

TeamCTKVideos says:

I already lost my fantasy league match so having Percy not get those three
TDs didn’t upset me. It was all about getting the W.

Tiger Tyrant says:

Russ > Romo bring it cowgirls.. Go Hawks!!

Chris Huard says:

Norb, I dont believe in jinx’s, however, just before Deshawn caught that
deep ball in the late 2nd, you mentioned, or rather axed if and when the
Washingtons team was going to get it to Deshawn and look what happened. I
get so amped up when I watch Hawks games I debate whether or not it is good
for my health. When Hawks on D I say stuff, sack, or pick
six………nothing else!

Bluwater Bistro- Leschi says:

Seahawks-Redskins Monday Night Football Win: best away Norb-Cam yet! –

RJ Vang says:

The refs cheated but still won tho


Russell Wilson = Most exciting quarterback to watch.

12 For 12s says:

Another great job +Norb-Cam! We need to do an EMP Episode! #GoHawks +12
For 12s 

Roger Mendoza says:

New to this channel.. Although not a Seahawks fan, I’m really loving these
Norb cam videos. Awesome job!! 

daddyseahorse says:

the refs did evey thing for redskins to win and they still lost lol GO

Anthony W says:

Watt is awesome but we have more than one great player on defense. What is
the Seattle D gonna do to the Cowboys… at home no less.

jayden Sandman says:

I really enjoy your videos. Hope you do more rival videos
Keep it up. #GoHawks

Brad Brown says:

Norb’s the type of dude you wanna watch a game with

Joshua Ungar says:

Cowboys are going to be tough to beat on Sunday. Romo is playing very well
right now and they might have a formula to silence the crowd which is to
just run the ball. If Romo can escape from J.J. Watt what is he going to do
against our defense?

Toru Yokoi says:

Yay finally! 

jayden Sandman says:

Are you going to do rivals redskins

ToiletPaper Studios says:

how can he stream the full game like that lol madd cool tho i subscribed

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