Seahawks Post Super Bowl Parade

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They all doubted us but we came home with the trophy. To the 12th man… This video is for you. To let the world see what the 12th man looks like. Watch us celebrate in the plane ride home. Then sit back and enjoy the ride while Mike Rob takes you through the heart of Seattle and captures the true winners this year…. the fans.

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Robert Calkins says:

Whats Moffitt up to now!!??

CJ Stretch says:

Damn I’ma miss this show

Chris Hernandez says:

Who the fuck dislike this video…
Fuck out of here if you ain’t a SEAHAWKS FANS or at least likes this

Cam Rehman says:

Grown ass men behaving like a bunch of lil kids…NOTHING BETTER and
NOTHING MORE DERSERVED. Im a Saints fan and you simply outplayed us last
season. Both times. Congrats to everyone involved both on the field and
behind the scenes. Hope you enjoyed every minutue of it. I AINT NO SORRY
LOSER LIKE CRABTREE! Congrats again guys!

megamurg says:

I’m just so happy Mike Rob got to go on this ride with the team, I was so
disappointed when he got cut last year but when he came back I knew the
team was in for something special. What a total class act Mike is, thanks
so much for letting the fans get a glimpse of the team behind the scenes
like never before. Good luck in the next stage of your career Mike, I wish
you all the success in the world. Go Hawks, and let that Big 10 pride show

Robert Calkins says:

Chop Chop!!! missing your show this season Mike!
– Bears fan ahah

Jayy Prime says:

Is this the last episode?

Mauricio Estrada says:

I’m a miss this show 🙁 This show is how I became a Seahawks fan 3yrs
ago….. Thank You Mike Rob #LoB #12THMAN #GoHAWKS (in my Russell
Wilson Voice)

Seatownrandom says:


wyod253js says:

Rob you gotta put out more vids of this year!

BTCification says:

You cut it right before they announced Russell Wilson :/ 

shartacular says:

Derek Coleman’s battery wearing out. Best moment ever! Go Hawks!!

hawks12thman says:

10:21 Lol Mike Rob sounded so sad when he said that…

junior taylor says:

Man we miss you Mike Rob! Speaking for myself, the season doesn’t feel the
same without your videos of each week! Please don’t go away! You’re always
going to be one of my all-time favorite Seahawks player! #GoHawks 

the[]_[]inventedSwagger says:

about time! shout out from miami Fl

jester90991 says:

I just want to say thank you to Mike Rob.. I’ve been seahawks fan since I
was probably around 14 yrs old (I’m 27 now) I’ve lived around tacoma my
whole life but as a kid mariners took up all my sports time (hey we had
Griffey can u blame me!) But I’ve always rooted for Seattle teams. For the
last however many years probably at least 7 or 8 yrs I’ve always wanted the
seahawks to do hard knocks so I could see me team more behind the scenes
kinda.. and That never was going to happen especially after pete took over
as head coach. But you have given me and all other fans alike something
wayyy better than hard knocks. I thank you for everything you’ve done for
all football fans like me who appreciate what you’ve done. On and off the
field. Thanks again brother. 

Jack Stephens says:

lol golden….the whiners I mean the niners

Johnson Taylor says:

I’m not even a Seahawks fan but this show was a real treat. I will miss
this. Thanks.

Tetra Indica says:


justin case says:

thanks mike, we love our champions.
♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ GO HAWKS ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

pmprydr says:

Smiling the entire time 🙂 GO HAWKS!!!

KID DULT says:

So many chills/goosebumps. Thanks for this Mike Rob. Go hawks!

Jerlen Vega says:


proshit01 says:

I remember when mike Rob was drafted to the 49ers out of penn state

GH11 says:

I squealed when I saw my inbox. Miss this sooooo much. Thanks again RRR!

ap5 says:


Quentin Bolt says:

I miss the +RealRobReport needa come back man, we miss your vids bruh

Alex Dang says:

DAMN!! Great way to end an awesome series Mike Rob! Thanks for the

marina n says:

I was gonna go even though it was freezing and I was pregnant but couldn’t
get the day off.

Chris Acab says:


Aman Duh says:

I fell in love with the Seahawks after watching this show two seasons ago.
The camaraderie between the players is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Their
hard-work, determination, sense of humor, and caring hearts makes your love
them beyond just the football field. I’m so happy they’re World Champs! I
wish this group could stay together forever and we could watch them on and
off the field but that’s not how the game goes. ❤️ -Houston Texans/Seattle
Seahawks fan! 

limeylena says:

I’m so jealous of all these people at the beginning of the route- they look
like they have room to breathe! Intersection of 4th and Washington had,
conservative estimate, 150,000 people (really- I was full-body pressed into
my neighbors on all sides, and the crush went back two full blocks in each
direction). So uncomfortable, but so worth it!

BIGWHIT425 says:

World Champs! #GoHawks 

Sylvie B says:

Yeahh its back

Tina M says:

I just wanted to say thank you for all your efforts, in and out of the
locker room, for the team and all of us fans. You will forever be a
Seahawk to all of us 12’s. Good luck with everything you do because you
deserve it.

shinshunsan says:

It was cold as shit that day

Johny Grasa says:

Well done Mike Rob!! May all your future endeavors be as fruitful!! 

Matthew Torres says:


liverpoolfc963lfc says:

I was there lol damn it was fucking cold tho.

Taylor g says:

please start posting more videos again. I loved yours

poet253rd says:

Remember that parade like it was yesterday! Such an amazing day! The best
part was my 4 year old daughter. She was so excited! Every time she saw one
of her favorite players, she would scream at the top of her lungs and
everyone around us would laugh because it was the cutest thing. Being able
to bond with my daughter while celebrating the super bowl win was
priceless. Even finished off with pizza from piecora’s. It’s a damn shame
they decided to close their doors. Best pizza in Seattle. Either way, it
was an amazing day. The worst part was the temperature lol GO HAWKS

Lucas Wenberg says:

I feel you Derrick C! I gotta do that too when mine goes out. I’m like
“SHIT” what the teacher say? lol

Colleen Bernardy says:

THIS IS SO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Arceo says:

Golden Tate dissin them whiners lol

907Lopez says:

I feel like the NFL is gonna go buckwild about the message to the child at
10:52 hahaha

LA_Hohn says:

Go Hawks! Thanks for this video Mike Rob

slbasegame257 says:

about DAMN time. GO HAWKS

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