Seahawks Fan Reaction to Super Bowl Interception (NorbCam Selfie)

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Seahawks had this game… And we gave it away. This pain won’t go anytime soon, if ever. Credit to the Patriots for playing a great game.


Norb-Cam says:

To all the Patriot fans… Congratulations on the win. Brady was great and
your team made plays when it had to, especially Butler at the end. Gotta
give credit where credit is due.

To all the Seahawk haters out there… go ahead. Spew your hate. Talk your
trash. We blew the game at the end. This is your chance.

To all my fellow Hawks fans… Wow. What can be said after a loss like

First of all, grieve. Grieve in whatever way you feel you need to. If that
means having one good cry, screaming your lungs out in anger, or cursing
out the *___* (fill in the blank), it’s OK. Go for it. Sure, this isn’t
like the loss of a loved one in real life (heck, it’s just a football game,
right?). But like I said earlier, this game, this team, this season,
transcends just a box score. It has become a part of our lives. And when
you lose a game as big as this, as passionate as this and historic as this,
it is a personal loss. It does feel like something inside you has died. And
we won’t get it back. It’s over. It’s history. People will tell you to get
over it, move on. There’s always next year. But those words don’t help
comfort much when the pain is so strong. So grieve, my friends.

Obviously, we all collectively share the frustration and the burning
question, “WHY?” in regards to that final play. I have not watched any
sports highlights or read any articles yet. It’s too soon. We may never
know who really was responsible for that decision. Maybe in time, I will
learn the X’s and O’s reason why the slant to Lockette was called. But for
now, it makes absolutely no sense: 2nd and goal at the 1, 50 seconds left
with 1 time out. The playbook is completely open to you. There is no hurry.
No panic. Lynch is having the drive and the game of his life. He just got
you to the 1 yard line and you DON’T give him the chance to win the game
for you, at least one or two times? I just don’t get it. I kept saying
“Give it to him again. Give it to him again!” Instead… disaster, shock,
disgust, game over. Could someone with a better football IQ please give me
one good logical reason why passing the ball in that situation was better
than running it. Please? Because right now, I just don’t understand it.
Coach Carroll preaches “It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish” and
“It’s all about the ball”…. Both went horribly wrong on the final play…

I love this team. And anyone who knows me, knows how much I believe and
trust in the Seahawks. But, just like with the people in my life, there are
times when I get frustrated, angry and disappointed with them. It doesn’t
mean I love them any less. Same goes with this team.

At the same time, unlike a lot of folks out there, I DO NOT believe OC
Bevell should be fired because of one call. One mistake does not define a
player or coach’s value to a team. For one bad call, there were plenty of
amazing calls made throughout the course of this epic, historic game. It
also does not change my perception of Russell Wilson or how I value him as
our QB moving forward.

I think what saddens me the most are the lost story lines that could have
been and never will. It should have been Wilson beats Brady. Seahawks:
Dynasty in the making. Greatest Super Bowl game in history. Jermaine
Kearse: greatest catch in Super Bowl history. But now because of the loss,
all the miracles this team accomplished this season, in the minds of the
rest of the outside world, will be quickly forgotten. Instead, 2014-15 will
be all about Tom Brady’s return to MVP greatness, the Patriots rising as
the superior team, etc… Oh, and guess what? It’s not just our miracles
that will be forgotten. Deflategate will be a distant blip on the radar,
too. A water cooler, “oh, yeah. I forgot about whole silly story” anecdote
people will joke about before they go back to talking about how great the
Patriots are and the “See, I told you the Seahawks were just another
one-hit wonder” conversation.

But… as I said, I love this team. I am a die-hard 12 and I trust in these
coaches, the management and these players. They played their hearts out.
They performed like true champions, answering every shot by the Patriots
with one of their own. The Patriots were really good. It was a historic
game. Russell was incredible. Beast Mode was fantastic. Chris Matthews,
wow! The defensive stops. Two picks on Brady. The Kearse catch. So many
great moments. When the season starts over again, I’ll be right there to
record and capture so many more. But for now, I got some grieving of my own
to do…

GO HAWKS!!! And thank you, 12s…

Super Bowl XLIX Champions says:

R.I.P 2012-2014 Seahawks fans! HAHAHAHA You got what you bitches deserved,
and the fact that your team acted like a bunch of thugs at the end “Bruce
Irvin throwing a punch then running like a coward” justifies it! Browner is
the only member of the L.O.B with multiple rings, and as for Dick Sherman
YOU MAD BRO? Now all your bandwagon fan base can go back to depths of hell
you crawled out from! WORLD CHAMPIONS BITCH! It’s one thing to win it 1
time, but to win it multiple times is a dynasty….

Joe Jones says:

Bye bye Seachickens. You aren’t making it back to Super Bowl next year.

Miller2h41 says:

I was like Brady when Jermaine Kearse made that catch, I was shaking my
head in disbelief because it was like David Tyree all over again. As it was
unfolding, I reflected on them getting to the AFC Championship game 4 years
in a row and the last 2 Super Bowl where they came so close and it all came
down these remaining seconds. It was nerve-wracking to the end but Tom
finally got that 4th ring. The Seahawks will have Super Bowls in their
Trophy Case for years to come with the talent they have on that roster. You
have a franchise quarterback in Russell. I’m sure the Seahawks will be
favored in the NFC to get to and possibly win Super Bowl 50 (L) that’s in
San Francisco.

antonio nuzzi says:

The giants are the only team that can beat Tom Brady in the Super Bowl 

Super Bowl XLIX Champions says:

The Seahawks were going to go to Disney Land after the super bowl…
…but they decided to pass. KARMA IS A BITCH AINT SEACHICKENS?

La Molcajete says:

Makes me absolutely fucking nauseous. Why the hell would you pass at the
one yard line? I don’t care who it was that decided on that play but you
let us and the entire team down. Major fuck up

Norb-Cam says:

Super Bowl Heartbreak Selfie Fan Reaction by NorbCam #sb49 #NEvsSEA
#bramespn #seahawks @seahawks #Gohawks #12s

josh dalton says:

Being a huge Pats fan, I’m so happy they won, but I have to say, the 12’s
earned my respect by being such a devoted fan base. Excluding bandwagoners
of course. Seattle is a great team who may not have many skill players but
confidence and heart. That’s why they were in the SB. Much like the Pats
they don’t give up. Now, I know a lot of people are saying they gave the
game away and that’s true to a certain degree but NE had a 10 point 4th qtr
comeback. We held Seattle to punts on their last few drives before the
Kearse catch. Without that miracle catch the Seahawks don’t even have a
chance for a play at the 1. So yea, technically they did give the game away
but the Pats rallied back against the league’s best D to take the lead
late. I’m tired of hearing the Pats don’t deserve it because they certainly
do. The better team won. We had the lead and Marshawns numbers from the 1
weren’t spectacular this season. It was stupid to pass from the 1 but
Malcolm Butler and Brandon Browner played it perfectly. Browner prevented
Butler from a pick play by Kearse and Butler made an unbelievable play. His
break on the ball was lightning fast and he put himself in perfect position
for the pick because he knew what was coming. The man studied his opponent
and made the play when his number was called. I do feel bad for the
Seahawks fans who’ve not made excuses and trash talked us. Pats fans know
what it’s like to lose a heartbreaker. It sucks but you move on and get
ready for next season. I wouldn’t doubt the Seahawks going to the SB again.
Unless Lynch does leave because he is the offense. Would make it tougher if
he leaves but the hawks are gonna have plenty success in years to come. As
long as thy don’t meet the Pats again! Lol jk but don’t worry Seattle you
guys can be proud of an awesome season! Now that I’ve written a novel, I’m
going sit back and wonder why I wrote so damn much.

JerryPurp says:

Why weren’t you making videos in 2009? or 2010?? or 2011??? BUT Now ALL OF

Super Bowl XLIX Champions says:

Seahawks fans be like, “whatever we’re 1-1 in superbowls!”

Boo52ful says:

I’m not even a huge Seahawks fan. They are my second favorite team because
I’m originally from Michigan so my heart is with the Lions still but I do
like the Hawks a lot now because I live in the area at this time. To all of
the Hawks fans just be thankful that you’ve even played in a Super Bowl.
Still waiting for the Lions to get there. Anyways I don’t think there was
one person who was cheering for the Seahawks that wasn’t chanting Beast
Mode. I’ll tell you right now it would have taken a shotgun to have kept
Lynch out of that end zone on 3 downs. Still believe he would have beasted
it in on 2nd down for sure. Pete overthought this one and I felt like what
has made the Seahawks so dominant is the fact that they usually play to
their strengths but in this case it didn’t happen. The slant pass is
probably the only pass I wouldn’t have thrown on that drive. Too risky. If
anything Wilson should have rolled out and either threw the game winner or
run it in himself. Still confused by the call but man that was one heck of
an INT. Dude knew where it was going all of the way. I guess that formation
was easy to read. Hoping the Lions can get in there before Megatron
retires! Stay humble and classy Seattle. 

kingofhaiti123 says:

Tom Brady best to ever do it, best everrrr, fuck the seacocks brady got 4
ringsssssssss babyyy

The Lone Wanderer says:

As a New England fan who watches your videos, it was a hell of a game, one
of the best Super Bowl’s in a long time, will go down in history. Best of
luck to you guys in years to come.

Noah Pluska says:

norb, as sickening and heartbreaking as this game was to watch, maybe its
because you did’nt make a rivals.
as of today i have started a couuntdown to next season to help get through
this tough offseason, and superbowl 50’s less than a year away so lets go
for three in a row (at least for apperences)

DallasCowboyFan95 says:

The curse started with the lions then Cowboys then packers then ended with

Marcos Caballero says:

fuckin cheaters i hate those fuckin deflatroits they are bunch of cheaters

Kimmy Starr says:

Why would you throw? Um. You seem like a legit fan so I’m interested in why
you are shocked they threw the slant there. The Seahawks have always scored
in the red zone using the slant. It was a good call, but the read by Butler
was a better play on the ball. Pretty simple. If you watch the play from
above Lockette is completely wide open, so from what Wilson saw as he
threw… it was a clear TD. Butler made a great defensive play. So why
throw? Maybe Carroll wanted Wilson to be the MVP and not Lynch. Makes ya
think doesn’t it? Wilson MVP, Carroll looks like a football God…Lynch
MVP, well not so much.

J.C. Gowing says:

Karma bitches.

L Jensen says:

As a cowboys fan, your channel is great Norb. By the way…..SEE YOU NEXT
SEASON AT BIG D….when we beat y’all AGAIN ;)

Superluigi6425 says:

Pats fan for life but I feel so bad for Seahawks fans! I feel even worse
for extreme fans like you Norb, that dress up with Seattle colors and paint
their faces…only to witness with their eyes the worst call in football
history, at the actual stadium and not just a home! 

ShiftyCalzone says:

It could be worse. Your team could have been five and eleven this year,
Super Bowlless for thirty years, have an overpaid interception machine at
the quarterback position, hopeless special teams players, and a defence
about as intimidating as melted cheese, with nothing to look forward to
except the hope that next year will be our year. When will it end?! At
least I still have the Blackhawks. And don’t get me started on the Cubs. To
give you an idea of some Cubs fans mentalities, all of the ones I know
(including me) say “Just win a World Series before I die.” Still going to
root for the Bears until the day I die. I’ll be buried with my
Bears/Bulls/Blackhawks/Cubs apparel. So just remember Norb Cam, if you
start to feel down, at least you’re not a Bears fan. Or a Cubs fan. Channel
your inner Monty Python, and…always look on the bright side of life!

Earhead Six says:

Norb, it was a great season. I’ve been a fan since 1976 and yes, while the
ending to this game was heartbreaking, we’ve all seen tougher things than
this. If I can make it through the Ken Behring years I can handle
anything. This team continues to impress me with is toughness and
resiliency. Thomas and Sherman playing with those injuries? Wow, that is
GREAT leadership. Yup, the pain is raw now, but we are still right there
in the window. I believe great things are still coming for this
franchise! Can’t wait for next season. In the meantime, here we go M’s! 

softclay4thought says:

From Malcolm to Malcolm.
Last year it was Malcolm Smith getting all the attention and adulation for
his interception.
This year it was Malcolm Butler getting all the attention and adulation for
his interception.
Both Malcoms represent the special nack that both coaches have for finding
otherwise obscure and unlikely candidates to play and make a valuable
contribution in the NFL.
This Malcolm Smith is a fine and hard working young man and I just wish he
was a Seahawk.
Credit the New England Patriots organization for recruiting, training, and
sending this fine young man into the world’s biggest game at just the right

patrick anderson says:

Bevell screwed up…..

Scott Miller says:

Norb, you’re a great Twelve and a great video maker. I think you exemplify
what being a Twelve is all about. And the comments here by so many haters
demonstrates what the 12th Man has had to endure for nearly 40 years
running. Our victories are discounted and our failures are overblown. I
think it’s pure jealousy myself. Because NO OTHER TEAM in the NFL respects
and acknowledges its fans like the Seahawks have. What other team has
retired a jersey number in honor of its fans? None. What other team
raises a flag right before kickoff to honor its fans? Not a one. What
other city lights up its entire skyline in their team’s colors, flies the
’12’ flag from every rooftop, and inspires its businesses to declare “Blue
Friday” and wearing their team’s gear every Friday throughout football
season? None.

They envy our unity, our spirit, our badass uniforms, and especially our
VOLUME! They have nothing about their team or their city to LOVE, so
instead they boost their low self-esteem through HATE, be it Seattle, the
Seahawks, or whoever else is a convenient target. They don’t like us
because we get LOUD for our team win or lose. They only sell out their
stadiums if they make the playoffs, whereas we sell out every effin’ game!
They call us ‘bandwagon’ fans because the only Twelves they see are the
growing numbers of Seahawks fans in THEIR cities. They’ve never been to
Seattle, so don’t realize the REAL bandwagon hasn’t stopped rolling since
1976, and nobody in this town has ever jumped off!

Yes, maybe the call to pass instead of feeding the Beast WAS the most
bonehead play call in SB history. I agree it was, but that doesn’t
discount that the NFCCG against the Packers was the also the greatest
miracle comeback in NFL history. Our Seahawks are anything but BORING, and
we make BIG winning plays as well as BIG losing plays. I’d rather watch
Russell Wilson throw miracle completions and Lynch run for Beastquake TD’s
and lose sometimes, than watch Tom DeFlatey dink and dunk his puny little
6-7 yard throws down the field to a win any day of the week. The Patriots
are BORING. Their coach is BORING. And most of their players are REJECTS
from other teams like Blount, Branch, Amendola, and yes, Browner, too, who
never even earned his ring from SB XLVIII. Not to mention their habitual
cheating problem and conflict of interest relationship between Kraft and

But I will give them credit for winning fair and square last Sunday, even
though they probably got to the SB with a bit of help by a ball boy in the
bathroom. Gronk was strong and Brady was accurate, and our pass D was
beaten up and playing a bit sub-par on coverage. Otherwise, we’d have not
allowed them 2 TD’s in Q4 and all of this would be academic. So let them
have their day. We had it and blew it and nothing left to do but lick our
wounds and try again next season. One thing for sure, however, is that
Brady is OLD and Wilson is YOUNG, and once Tom retires, Patriots fans will
begin to sound like ‘Niners fans, clinging to glory days gone by while
DangeRuss Wilson is peaking and breaking all those mofo’s records. GO

tacoroscoz says:

What a game. What a play. For what it’s team had to lose and I’m
a Hawks fan but I think the Pats fully earned that win…so I’m ok with it
even though we had to finish with an ugly play. Russ didn’t make the
call..and Butler did a good job. Those are key points. And Lockette didn’t
even get his hands up which was a clear fail on his part..he could have at
least prevented the interception. No heroic effort there! Not sure what his
problem was but his entire run and reaction on that play was bizarre.
Coaches should not have called a throw to a guy who’s had only a few
receptions all season (no pass period..but least of all Lockette). Carroll
is going to be obsessing on that call for some time. Live and learn. You
can be sure he will….And I have a feeling the Hawks will be an even
stronger team next year!

Danzel Watson says:

there’s no guarantee on when you can get back to the superbowl trust me,
I’m a bears fan and I know that feeling all too well, haven’t been back
there since ’06 , haven’t won it since ’85 people should realize this
though, bandwagon fans or not, this Seattle Seahawks fan base is rabid and
awesome as the next fan base, it does not matter if you because for one
season or for the rest time, real fans stick though thick and thin though
losing seasons and successful seasons, at the end of the day, these
Seahawks fans to me should not deserve to go though that heartbreaking loss
at the superbowl, I respect your team, norb and the 12th man. Thank you for
reading this and I hope the Seahawks do better next year as the bears as

bobkilla430 says:

Looking forward to seeing norbs videos next season. best at the game fan
vids out there. watching this got my heartbeat up because we all knew what
was coming. pure joy turned into heartbreak. i was rooting for the pats for
a few reasons but really just wanted an exciting game most of all. this
delivered. i wonder what would have happened if the hawks didnt get that
last penalty. the fight was kinda lame but i can understand the frustration
and being in the moment. couldnt believe pats didnt call a time out when
time was just running down. maybe that got into petes head a little. maybe
he thought they would call a timeout and in that case pete could get the
offense together without waisting their timeout. reminds me of the titains
losing the superbowl by one yard. glad brady got one more before he rides
off. seahawks can recover if they pull together, some teams come back
strong, others dont. new players, coaches as well as others leaving will
change the team, so itll be interesting where they go from here. i believe
wilson can bring them back with the help of beast mode and if their d stays
at the top. 

mgraysonhay says:

It took some insane guts to watch this, but I’m glad I did in the end. I
now know I am not the only one who felt this way when Bevell threw the game
away. I have a feeling it was really hard sitting behind those Pats fans…
#GoHawks #ForeverA12

Cameron Grant says:

The more i watch this play the more i think Wilson and Lockette are at
fault. Yes we should have given the ball to Lynch i think everyone would
agree with that but once you decide to throw the ball make sure its a good
throw. I think the placement from Wilson was a little off making it a 50/50
ball between his receiver and the DB. I think Lockette was out muscled and
shrugged off the ball way to easily by the guy who got the pick in the end,
I mean this could be the play to win the superbowl and i just think he was
way too weak on running the route and the attempted catch. They way the DB
jumped the route as well obviously means that the patriots knew the play
and were anticipating it which is the concern for Pete and the OC

Chris Swanson says:

Stupid Seahawks fans thought their gay football team was gonna win
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA suck it 12th man pussies your run is over 

Tim Rogers says:

Here is the thing. If that pass had resulted in a TD people would’ve said
what a genius call it was since the Patriots stacked the box. Pete went for
it the same reason he went for the fake kick or the TD with 6 seconds left.
He is aggressive as f*** and sometimes it bites him in the a**. 

Super90Girl says:

It’s going to take a long time to get past this terrible letdown, if that’s
even possible. This will be the ugly stain that you can’t get out no
matter how hard you try. I don’t know that I will ever be able to wear my
Seahawks jersey again (it is turned inside out on a hangar in the closet),
let alone apply the XLIX patch I ordered for it, prematurely as it turns
out. I even got a pretty, white XLIX signature football, but not I, and I
imagine many Seahawk fans, just want to forget the shameful and painful
embarrassment of XLIX. The game was so tense and emotional, and I
literally cried in despair at the end, when they so illogically threw it
all away. Days later and I am still very depressed and feeling physically
drained over it.

gabriel lopez says:

god man that sucks. hate to see a real fan go like that. know exactly how
you feel, this reminds me of the favre pick vs the saints (im a vikings
fan) and i just remember that feeling of shock. dont worry bro, with wilson
under center and carroll coaching the seahawks are gonna be in superbowls
for a long time

Brandon Bryan says:

Now you know why every 49ers fan including me voted for Sherman for the
madden cover (madden curse) oh and this game was like when we played you
guys in the NFC championship karma is a bitch 

MrFamily1Man says:

Epic Seacocks fan for probably two years…bandwagon? For sure! Eat the
Seacocks and put it in your mouth-jackass..start crying home bc you just
spent thousands of dollars and for what..a lost…hahahahahahahahahaha!
Telling 49ers fans their classless. I’ve been a 49ers fan since 9 yrs old
(41 now) and you Seacocks just came alive..really! How long have you been a
Seacocks fan?! 3-4 yrs And the 12th man came from Texas..not Seattle
Seacocks..the country is just laughing at you guys right now. And the fight
after the game…really classy huh! Guarantee you won’t be making anymore
Seacocks video once they start losing. Enjoy your long off season and your
crappy rain

Ren Bianco says:

Kudos to you for showing this. You stayed true and posted this video. Im
a pats fan, but you showed some class man. If you’re ever in Jax, FL. Look
up me, I’ll buy you a beer. Ive been where you are …TWICE

Matthew Torres says:

if we passed… it shouldve been play action. if we wanted to waste a down.
throw it away. we couldve had a chance to win even tho we threw a int bc of
a safety but we were in the neutral zone. mistakes. mistakes. mistakes.
#OnToSantaClara #GOHAWKS 

Santiago Guerrrro says:



Young MacnFasT says:

Norb I am as just as hurt as you about this game this whole town is in
confusion because of that call it could of happened for a various of
reasons but the most answers I got… is that the seahawks did not want
Lynch to be mvp they wanted Russ to make that touchdown not Lynch whatever
now I understand why Lynch does not talk to the media the media was with us
cheering for us all week then one slip on our part now we are getting
degraded anf slammed all over the media.. but we have been in these
situations b4 and will come back I SEALIEVE!!! GO HAWKS 425 253 206

PanicButton V2 says:

had to go revisit this bandwagoning fuck, saw him on bleacher report a week
ago, looked him up and his channel is only a year old. You make the seattle
fans look like idiots, I feel bad for the real fans, but mmmmmm I love
these seattle tears, still fresh after 6 days.

jay man says:

TEAM.(i live in Denver and love Broncos 

Roberto Baggio says:

Its ching chong reaction. Not Seahawks fan reaction! Stick to ping pong or
ding dong ching..

Jayne Eisan says:

Norb, somewhere in Seattle a little boy saw his big brother break down and
cry when the Seahawks lost the Superbowl last week – what if I tell you
that the little boy promised himself he would do anything he could to never
see his brother cry like that again. What if I tell you he pushes and he
perseveres and eventually he is enlisted by the Seahawks and becomes a more
successful QB than Tom Brady ever was. What if I tell you that it would
never have happened if the Hawks had not lost last Sunday. No Norb I can’t
prove that it will pan out that way in the future but in all fairness you
can’t prove it won’t. You have to believe that something good came out of
this, it could be anything – this is how I cope with grief and crushing
disappointment. I hope it works for you.

DukeOfEarls says:

I’d just like to say I was that kid behind you. The one with the blanket
and the foam pats logo

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