Seahawks Edge Raiders – Fan reaction inside stadium (Norb-Cam)

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The Seattle Seahawks kept the Oakland Raiders winless, but not without a lot of drama, a last second onside kick attempt and Beast Mode bein’ all about that action, boss! See what it was like inside CenturyLink Field during this crazy & wild game!


Phillip Isayev says:

Oh my god 41:00 Beast mode juked the veteran Woodson out of his shoes!
Someone needs a agility upgrade in Madden 15.

Matthew Torres says:

great vid #GOHAWKS gonna be a hard battle against the cheifs 

M DeMars says:

Go Denver they crushed okland

Kevin Le says:

Why you post so late :p

ShaflerpDerp says:

how do you avoid copyright for this stuff

FDchick says:

I love Jimmy’s on First! 🙂 Looks like good times! 

Husky Fever says:

Thanks for the upload!!

Sea Hawks says:

#SeahawksSuperBowlRepeat LET’S GO! why does every game put me on the verge
of a heart attack in my 30’s? – Live by the Hawks, Die by the Hawks.
On another note though, there is A LOT of holes in our game I see, here’s
hoping we patch them up, move on and dominate in the playoffs, yea I put
the cart before the horse, knock on wood and all that good stuff.

poet253rd says:

Seahawks are getting back to the basics. Run the ball and play defense.
With most of our guys getting healthy for the second half, this is when we
hit our stride. If Palmer is out all year, I feel confident that we will
win the NFC West. Go Hawks! Last thing…..I’ve been hearing way too much
negativity about Lynch lately. Stop it. Do not let the media stir your
thoughts. He is the heart to our offense. Russell Wilson is the brain and
makes the decisions but Lynch keeps everything alive. Stop Lynch and you
ultimately stop our offense. Feed the beast! 

David Matskovsky says:

Awesome vid Norb, and I knew the Seahawks would beat the Giants lol and if
they played the Steelers then they could probably win because we nearly
dominated the Steelers lol Im so happy about that but anyway good luck to
the Seahawks this week Ill make sure to watch them since our Jets are in
their bye week this week

ICEMAN27 says:

KUYA!!!!…. always good to see pops. Gotta him on all the games Norb, so
we can get to the playoffs n the Superbowl!!! Go HAWKS!!!… go

Norb-Cam says:

Seahawks Edge Raiders – Fan reaction inside stadium (Norb-Cam) #OAKvsSEA

M DeMars says:

I hate seattles reffs and team they suck

Robert Corralejo says:

Raider Fan here, Ive been a subscriber to your channel since late of 2013.
Love your videos man and I’m a huge fan of sherman, Wilson & unger. Props
to your win against us, was way closer than I thought, best of luck to
you’re team this season & please thrash the 49ers! Go Raiders! 

Omy Souffront says:

What a game why not us Go Hawks

Patrick Rothlisberger says:

Thx again from the euro time zone.
Went to sleep last night the hawks losing to the Giants at the half.
Was I happy this morning..

Tiger Tyrant says:


Casey Mcevoy says:

6th comment

jayden Sandman says:

Can’t wait for chiefs game!! Going to be hard. #Gohawks

12 For 12s says:

Great work +Norb-Cam! #GoHawks +12 For 12s 

Mitch Wright says:

Love this channel

Slider4lif3 says:

Woo! Go Hawks!

Wilze hagawa says:


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