Seahawks defeat Panthers – Fan reaction (Norb-Cam)

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Norb-Cam view of the Seahawks win over the Panthers. Was it ugly? You bet! So what! A win is a win!

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Apollo says:

i feel sorry for the raiders tommrow they are gonna be crushed

ICEMAN27 says:

Great video Norb! Go Hawks!!!!….

Toru Yokoi says:

I’ll be at the game tomorrow. Hope I can see you there!

Alex Ray says:

Ugly game but I hope we can fix all of our mistakes GO HAWKS!

Norb-Cam says:

Norb-Cam view of the Seahawks win over the Panthers. Ugly win? Who cares?!

UltimateTurtle7 says:

I wonder how Andrew was feeling during the last quarter of this game.

6789mrkevin says:

Can’t wait till the giants game!

jayden Sandman says:

I have been watching you for a year, love your videos good work. Don’t need
to be rude but why is your videos take so long to be uploaded. #Gohawks

Avery Earnheart says:

How long does it take you to edit these videos?

carl nerney says:

great as always but I gotta tell u this is the only thing that gets me
through the week even when we loose I know u are probley busy a lot but the
wait is killen me keep up the great work an thank you for all this. been a
fan of your work since last year road the whole way with u go HAWKS
ps how do you like the match up between odell beckham an richey rich?

Sea Hawks says:

I still think Darrell Bevell needs to go as our offensive coordinator,
problems stem from the source ‘sometimes..

Husky Fever says:

Hawks beat the Giants as beast mode runs right over them

Will Hughes says:

U guys beat my gmen

Ken Ruiz says:

Fortunately I was at church during most of the game. By the time I got home
Seattle had the ball trailing by three. That means I got to see them score
the winning touchdown and nothing else.

Norb, thank you for inviting us into you home. Good to see you hold your
composure during them bad plays. Now I like to see your composure during
the Raider’s game. Like the Raider fans of old would say, “Just Win Baby”.

P.S. I’ve heard that the Seahwaks may use a more up-tempo offence this
weekend against the Giants. You see the Seahawks have been very effective
in the two-minute drill this season, and our coach attributes that to
tempo. Carroll said, “We are better when our tempo is really good, so that
is a point of emphasis, and we see how well we’ve done when we’re going at
a good pace.” 

David Matskovsky says:

Hey Norb, its David, I would be very happy if you put me in your next vid
lol, it’ll be fine if you say how bad the Jets suck lol

Sea Hawks says:

Aren’t we extremely nervous about every game and every play for that matter
lol(Wait for the flag every play), love the fam in this one, waitin on the
Raiders and Giants Norbcam.

Toru Yokoi says:

Irvin did Wagner & Clemons’ celebration after back to back sacks!!

M DeMars says:

But they one

Sam Lince says:

Norb you are the man! Love your videos lol!

blockerby says:

Loved seeing your daughter, she’s SO cute! (although she’s not a big fan

daddyseahorse says:

a win is a win GO HAWKS!

Carson Thomas says:

Hi Norb!

Alex Choquette says:

Sh be reading Frozen

michael daniel says:

I cant wait for the seahawks vs cardinals

Instantphojo says:

I kinda like the “at home” play by play!


I don’t have DVR and when the Panthers game was on, I completely forgot
that the game was on at 10AM. So I didn’t come in until the end of the
third quarter. Love your vids because I, in essence, get to see the whole

Villiers250 says:

Nice win, but boy – what a confusing game lol

Brandon Sevilla says:


jayden Sandman says:

You joined in 2010, I thought you joined last year

jayden Sandman says:

Hopefully we get to the playoffs #Gohawks #SeahawksVs Giants #win

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