Seahawks (Behind the Scenes) Super Bowl

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Mike Rob gives fans an unprecidented view inside the locker room the week leading up to Super Bowl. These guys had the same attitude going into the biggest game of their lives as they do during training camp.
Get up close and personal with the World Champion Seatte Seahawks.

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KillaMC305 says:

Seahawks suck . Bitchard Sherman n kebler elf wilson suck !!! Its all about
the niner empire!!!! This is our year !!!!! Sea hags!

devious141 says:

Fuck rob, its been 4 months put up some more videos..damn

Tetra Indica says:

As much as I try to fight it, I will miss Golden Tate.

Jocky Rohnson says:

+inscirbe But what other countries have a realistic chance of even beating
the worst team in the NFL or even a college team. I could even say a high
school team. 


Man Why y’all make the Super Bowl boring by beating down the broncos lol

shazil888 says:

No Brother Sherm?!?!?!

Derek Ramirez says:


BlueTeamTV says:

A white CB?

itscork says:

+demetri odle

Another example: Whiny cheeseheads.


LowerTheBoom1 says:


Antonio D says:

To bad he’s gonna retire. Im sure the Hawks are gonna go forward with
Derrick Coleman.

xOAKRAIDERSx831 says:

Rob has been laggin on the videos. WTF!

JesusIzAPunkRocker says:

Dude’s gunna go to the Broncos, resign, then ship back to the Seahawks!
that’s cold man that’s cold… You made the right choice though….

operationNOBO says:

I have to admit, I was disappointed with this real rob report episode. It
just didn’t feel the same, but it was better than Moffitt attempting his
version in the Denver locker room.

kuthoat333 says:

This shit had me emotional!

jeffrey gerard says:

Nothing about the Harvin-Tate fight? Hmm.

dennis4167 says:

percey harvin “hard work, preparation, beating on my teammates” 

KillaMC305 says:

you suck seachickens lets go niners!!!!

supa starr says:

Micheal rob is probably going to retire so what happens to the show

Kellie Lee says:

6 more days! Love the Real Rob Report! #blueandgreennation #seahawks

Qua green says:

14:00 I thought derrick Coleman was deaf????? 

lordmadone says:

+inscirbe champs. World champs where the NFL is associated.

REDPotriats757 says:

28:31 LiL Wayne qoute.

Don Gato says:

45 people are mad bro lol

Lamar Sterling says:

C mike is 23. That shit cray.

26talavera says:

We Are 12

Bailey Corriher says:

I been

ryan rosenberg says:

40whinners suck there the worst team in the NFL and Colin kapernick doesn’t
know how to be a qb golden tate can be a better qb

Joe W says:
Stephen Strick says:
Kellie Lee says:

Love this to the ends of the earth!!!!!!!!!!!!

palmsquad says:

if the Seahawks suck, then why did they win the Super Bowl? you can say you
hate them, but you cannot deny how good they’ve been. you make yourself
sound really stupid.


Marshawn with the sign lmao

BAZZiiiNGATV says:

He rapped meek LOL

KOTHFanRantsandVids says:

9ers fans, just STFU already. The Hawks fans have the right to talk smack.

Hypeeeeeeeee says:

Where’s the post game video tho?

Adammmm124 says:

Really good video!

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