Seahawks beat the Packers: Norb-Cam vs. Trev-Cam fan reactions!

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Experience the Norb-Cam view of this dominant Seahawks win over the Packers from inside CenturyLink field! Pre-game concert, Arianna Grande, the Super Bowl banner unveiling and a split-screen Norb-Cam/Trev-Cam opposing fan views of the game!


Norb-Cam says:

Who’s ready for the Super Bowl rematch of the Hawks vs. the Broncos? Well,
I sure am! In fact, I got into it big time with this Bronco fan! Check it

Norb-Cam says:

Seahawks-Broncos Super Bowl Rematch: The most EPIC Norb-Cam game EVER!
Relive this incredible game from inside Century Link Field with Norb-Cam!
Feel the roar of the 12s! Take a journey from the 12th Man train, to a
pregame buffet at the Club Lounge, to the nailbiting, down to the wire game
itself. This is the closest thing to being there! Guests appearances by
Mark Collins (Save Our Seahawks), Juan Cotto, “Kuya” Bert Caoili, Patrick
Svoboda and Andrew “Never Worry” Morash.

Amandia Becht says:

You know I “almost” felt sorry for Trev. All alone is a sea of Hawks, and
he’s team just couldn’t get it together, But the key word in that sentence
is “almost”. lol
No fail Mary needed. Just seahawk football.We are better then last year,
and last year we went to the Super Bowl. I see a RE-PETE for us. If anyone
can the Seahawks can..
Go Hawks!!! 

Sylvia x says:

Norb what was your reaction to Seattle getting dominated by San Diego week
2 xP. 

Joe sfc says:

do you have rights to post the video? if not be careful

Husky Fever says:

the little kid photo bombing the trev cam @ appx 34:22 is funny!!

Andrei Sison says:

It was pretty weird not seeing big 55 Heath Farwell with that 12th man
flag. Does anybody know who was carrying it?

Michael D. Wellman says:

Thanks Norb that was cool. The two kids behind Trev-cam was just so Funny I
had to rewind a number of times because I was watching them more than
anything else, LMAO.
Poor Trev. Hey does Trev root for your Hawks when they play at home when
there is no Green Bay?
Loved the Video keep it up Norb and thanks.
See you week 12, 12th man.

EpicDuckFTW says:

Heres the thing Trash talking seahawks …. sure i mean there the best
team in the game sure they won a superbowl But packers fan base is DA BEST
and they won 13 WORLDCHAMPIONS
I respect the seahawks who doesnt but packers are better

Mac Jones says:

Hey Norb, do you have a reaction of the chargers beating the seahawks like
this video? The match did not go as I expected it to be. 

awesome12j12 says:

What r u gonna do for the chargers game

Marcelo Imperial says:

Hey norb I was at this game I wish I would’ve met you it would’ve been nice
to meet a fellow Filipino 12th man fan like myself. What were your thoughts
on the game, any improvements the hawks need to make? 

Instantphojo says:

Trev is a good sport.

Em Gee says:

Love it! Noooooorb! Beautiful! Only thing, you are THE ONLY football
commentator I listen to, can you mike yourself better? Or maybe just cut
the rival audio? You could CC the rival – there’s only a couple of things
rivals can say anyway (oh no! damn!) 

Toru Yokoi says:

I love Trevor’s dad! He is cool.

Al Arlington Weasel says:

how do you get a custom jersey

Franklin Clinton says:

PACKERS RULE Seahawks Suck

darkangelsoaps says:

What an awesome day in an awesome city!!

stephen st.clair says:

Go Hawks! Re-Pete! Go Hawks! Re-Pete!

Miller2h41 says:

Awesome, we have both Norb-Cam and Trev-Cam. Gives a really unique view
from their perspectives

softclay4thought says:

How many people following this Norb-Cam picked the Seahawks to lose to the
Chargers during the 2014 regular season?

KMarcel1998 says:

Does Trev-Cam have a own channel?

TheAtrain206 says:

I’m missing seattle more and more when you post these fan experiences.
Great video and go hawks!

ICEMAN27 says:

Its about time Norb!!! Great video!!!! Go Hawks!!!!

dicky dickerson says:

Holy shit! Ron Pearlman at 2:39 I had no idea he was a hawks fan! lol
(=… I absolutely love these videos Norb, keep em commin brother!

plumlogan says:

Dueling fan-cams. I like it

KingChrisKCR says:

I like trev. Very good sportsman ship. :D

meerokay says:

Your videos are absolutley amazing. It’s not just the games but the people
you interact with throughout, I love them so much! Thanks Norb, SEAHAWKS!

7luckystud7 says:

I picked 35-14: pretty close! GO SEAHAWKS!!! Another win for the Seahawks
and Norb-Cam!

Alex Ray says:

Loved the video norb loved meeting you go hawks!!

Stephen Deac says:

Clay Mathews was afraid to tackle beast mode. Great Vid Norb! GO HAWKS!

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