Seahawks-49ers Rivalry “This Is War”

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Song: This Is War – 30 Seconds To Mars

A highlight video I put together featuring the best rivalry in the NFL between the two best teams in the league: the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers.

I don’t own the song, the Seattle Seahawks, the San Francisco 49ers, or any of the video clips. I own nothing.


Vladpryde says:

I hate the Seahawks so much, but I love the rivalry. This is our year.
Red and Gold until I’m Dead and Cold! GO 9ERS! #9erLoyal #9erProud

Chris Balmania says:

“No, this is patrick”

NinerFaithful52 says:

Hate the Seahawks but love the rivalry! Can’t wait till the season starts
and see 2 exciting games in a 3 week span. Go 49ers! #QuestForSix 

YujiFuuma says:

Hey this video is amazing!! If this next season goes down similarly with
the Niners and Hawks battling it out in the Championship and 49ers pull it
out. Can you make this same video but Niners as the good guys?

Authentic Giants Fan says:

i know the seahawks are scared of us. They gotta be we’re the ones who gave
them the hardest time.

TheMelonFromNowhere says:

Stupid how they showed harbaugh as the lier and carroll as the honest lol.
Need to switch things around a bit…

Slavik Torch says:


scott horton says:

Y’all have been on the “quest for 6” for too long meow. Your time has come
and gone. Blue & green will run thru you’re dead blood veins as the gold
peels from the red the niners are dead. I’m just anxious to see Sherman vs
crab tree. I mean let’s be real here… his name is crab tree lmao go

Richard Vert says:

Go Seahawks !!! Coach Carroll is such a class act not to mention a great
coach. You never hear a bad word about anybody come out of his mouth. He
works hard constantly not just for the Hawks but for the young people of
both Seattle and L.A

JohnE Canuck says:

Work towards DYNASTY level!

longbeach225 says:

I can’t wait until the Turkey Bowl game. 49ers host the Hawks at the new
stadium on Thanksgiving Day.

randomrandy45 says:

49ers Suck! (coming from a Rams fan)

Noah Davis says:

Hey Im a niners fan, but I am proud to have this team as a rival. they
worked their asses off to get where they are and they deserved it, this
video puts a greater meaning to the word RIVALRY. Yet take heed Seahawks,
this year will without a doubt be 49er year, I can feel it, this is where
we will shine. ;)

TheBobbyho says:


David Torrey says:

Great Highlight reel. where did you get your footage?

namcapX says:

I hate San Francisco with a fiery passion.

But, I can definitely respect them as an opponent. They’re a good team, and
the games I look forward to most each season are our games against the

Except maybe when Arizona comes back to Seattle. That’s when we get payback.

But, anyway, I remember being really nervous going into the NFC
Championship game. And I remember afterwards, telling my dad and my brother
that I felt better about our chances against Denver than against San

See you on Thanksgiving.

salamander337 says:

I’m a Niners fan and I gotta admit this is actually a pretty good video.
Wait til next season Seahawks! It’s Niners year! 

Joey Meisenheimer says:

Seahawk fans as well as 9’er fans should respect each others teams. If you
cant do that then you’re just ignorant on both sides. They’re the same team
when it comes to both sides of the ball and are both top notch on defense.
As a hawks fan I respect the hell out of the niners. do i think their coach
is a bit crazy and aldon smith is a wackjob? Yeap. But if i wasn’t a hawks
fan I’d hate richard sherman haha respect the rivalry and above all respect
the team. hawks fan since the kingdome in 96’

MutR says:

Wow if this video didnt have seahawk bias i dont know what does.

FoolingDeath says:

wow that was some fucking gay ass fucking music for real

Brian Roccapalumbo says:

It was really nice of the refs to end 9ner’s drive and bullshit penalties
and continue Seachoker’s drives with more bullshit calls. Guess we know who
the real 12 man is. See you on Thanksgiving. #WHO GOT IT BETTER THAN US

JohnE Canuck says:

Look forward to another season of this divisional rivalry, … and it looks
like the Cards and Rams are going to make this division even tougher.

J.R.A.M_Gaming says:

I’m a Packer fan I hate the 49ers but they’ll take their division this year
the seahawks aren’t as good as they were last year

Marie De La Cruz-Brogan says:

I love my Seahawks…40whiners sucks!

Brandon Caamal says:

Man what a grate video, looking forward to the Big Thanks giving game this
year in Santa Clara. LETS GO NINERS!!!!!!!!!!

Connor Phillips says:

Most biased video I have ever seen

Daniel Sahagun says:

of course a Seahawk fan made this video. RED AND GOLD BABY

MasterLOL troller says:

fuck seahawks

Nàsléro Niro Aymèn says:

#12thman #goseahawks 

Crystal Stewart says:

NFC WEST is the best hard hitting division in the NFL. 2014 season will be
AWSOME!!. From being called the NFC Worst to 1 of the most feared division
in all of football. This is going to be a hell of a great season. To my
family in Tacoma, WA Seattle, WA (SeaCOCKS fans). May your birds roast over
a fire very slowly so every “49ERS FAITHFUL EMPIRE” can enjoy it on
ThanksGiving evening. LETS GO 49ERS!!. 

IBitchSLAPYourAss says:

Meh. Music is too soft.

wickedajc1138 says:

another great rivalry should be included is the broncos vs sea-hawks, have
seen the game on Sunday? it was brutal one the broncos ripped Marshawn
Lynch hair when they took his helmet off ! wow Peyton manning you suck as
at the game as much as you do in sportsmanship. he is so overrated as qb
and he claps his hands like a spaz! even tom brady is more competent then
Peyton manning! the broncos lost more super bowls than they won one. they
suck and I dont see them in the next super bowl.

Lucas Liang says:

GO 49ers!!!!!!


the reson that the seahawks won because they were loud

Charlie Postma says:

This is a great rivalry, but home field has been the deciding factor the
last two years….who’s going to win on enemy ground first? 

watchoutforthezombie says:

Hate the Hawks but yeah I love the rivalry!! It’s fun!

jonasobado says:

I’m a Niners fan, but not a Seahawks fan. However, this rivalry is the
reason why both teams are so good.

As the old saying goes, “Iron can only be sharpened by iron”.

Reginald blanton says:

green and yellow nigga 

Elcamino man says:

Thank you Seahawks for bringing a title to the NFC west and not the niners.

Austin Pugmire says:

I can’t stand the 49ers, but the rivalry is the best in football right now!
Too bad all the 49ers got charges haha.

WillBilly425 says:

As much as I hate the Niners, I love this rivalry. I truly believe it
makes both teams better, and it makes the rivalry games much more exciting!

jqb206 says:

teams.pac12 coaches(i,e chip kelly) That are rivals.GO HAWKS

Thugastrike says:

The 9ers are on their way out. Now it’s the Hawks time to shine :)

azukar2k7 says:

For those that love football and are not blinded with negativity and
sourness, ENJOY THIS COMPETITION and others like it around the league. You
need an adversary to have a game. Ying and Yang. Why HATE? … when we need
each other. I live in the bay area and can’t wear my Seahawks jersey
without getting threaten.. with my life. RELAX brothers and sisters. ENJOY!

Jaydee SJ says:

im a niners fan but hey, this is the next best rivalry in the NFL. cant
wait till the niners play the hawks. 

dustin scott says:

i think Vladpryde is a Seachicken fan 

Mitchell McLeod says:


Brandon Chan says:

Awesome video, although bias much?? R u a shecocks fan??

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