Rams Hold off Seahawks with Second Brilliant Special Teams Call

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Who fakes a punt from their own 18 yard line, up 2 late in the 4th quarter? The Rams, apparently, and Seattle wasn’t even slightly ready for it.

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Jay Dogon says:

Where’s Ufford with the fan press conference ? 

Jay Dogon says:

Good Job Seahawks ! Yes keep losing games you should easily win. That “home
field advantage” keeps slipping away! Go Niners ! 

Poop TurtleTV says:

i saw this coming

Northend Hawk says:

Trick plays will always be that, trick. The real reason why the Rams called
this play: they knew they couldn’t beat Russell Wilson and the Seahawks
offense. I’m looking forward to great things this season.

RidnStolnWhips says:

dude…. ur voice is fucked up. tune that shit.

cynthiapina1 says:

Let’s go Texans

ThePugShow says:

Rams fan here, but bot special teams plays will probably never happen again
lol. Tbh I wanted us to lose so we can go for the higher spot in the draft,
but I think the Raiders have us beat lol

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