Rams Fake Out Seahawks for Ultimate Punt Return Touchdown

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Seattle learns the hard way to go where the ball actually is, not where St. Louis pretends it will be. Stedman Bailey takes advantage for a 88-yard punt return touchdown

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pats4lifebb says:

Copying the Bears…

joeskis says:

Too bad it was illegal. The guy pretending to receive the punt makes a
very subtle hand jester as if signaling for a fair catch. Now you may be
thinking yeah but he didn’t do an official fair catch signal so it’s ok.
Actually no it’s not. It’s illegal to make an unclear fair catch signal.
You’re not allowed to be subtle about it. 

ImTheAsianLad says:

Wow that was sick 

Derrick Wright says:

Fuck you sb nation, i know you flagged my video, so im gonna flag every 1
of ur videos. Every fucking time u post the same shit as me, and if mine
does better u flag it, so fuck you!!

Jake Gold says:

hahahah eat shit “us 12s”, you bunch of bandwagon faggots, time to pick a
new team, hahaaha enjoy slowly sliding into irrelevancy with your beta
manlet QB

drew noonan says:


Calvin Leak says:

Lmfao at Seattle. They need adderall to focus on punts

TheWatchernator says:

if you talked less you didn’t have to fast forward the actual video 

southsidesman says:

Play of the year!

Sexypotato says:

6 and 4 you mean 7 and 4 


Makes you wonder, why this hasn’t been done that often I mean perfect
execution. Maybe the rams have some potential in the west after all

Angel Lopez says:

hahahaha fuck the seahawks!

PolishBehemoth says:

Jesus christ. Stop talkin! I just skipped to the video.

Prince Dara shiko says:


Rich D says:

That’s the boring nfl again. The no fun league. 

run2daylite73 says:

how’s life with that voice?

Mesk746 says:


Shawn Cummings says:

Seahawks fans are just mad..

rose pokorny says:

Originally done by Devin Hester and Johnny Knox a few years ago

Phil Carlson says:

Doesn’t one guy have to elude 11 other guys on EVERY play?”

Sean B says:

Fuck football

MetalSonicGamerX200 says:

thats a damn shame seahawks lol

Steven Moreno says:

Hahaha ! CryHawks lost to the Rams ! :)

Edward Phillips says:

the rams were active for this game

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