Pre-Super Bowl Seahawks (Real Rob Report)

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Part one of Mike trip to the Super Bowl begins right here.

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Raul Ruiz says:

No matter what golden Tate Chris Clemons red Bryant Chris maragos Sidney
HEARTS! We love all you guys that left us!!!! 

saucy05 says:

Damn seahawks got the best fans in sports period. I’m talking about in the
whole world. 

Cleveland Roxx says:

Good stuff Seattle, I coined you guys as my NFC team when Russell came,
really liked him in college. If my Browns can’t get one, I’m glad another
awesome fanbase did

Michelle Hernandez says:

I see fans from other teams on here making comparisons, but what team
acknowledges their fans like the Seahawks do? Did your team after having
won a Super Bowl put something that represents the fans, like the 12th man
flag, on the Super Bowl ring like the Seahawks did? Did your team give the
president of the United States something that represents the fans like the
Seahawks did by giving Obama a 12th man flag instead of a jersey? This is a
one and only relationship between fans and team. The Seahawks showed how
much they love the 12th man in every way possible after having given the
city it’s first Super Bowl win. 

cryhvc says:

definitely hard to not get caught up in the fandom when you live in the

Sea Hawks says:

That’s called 12th man support 🙂 true fans.

1PceXperience says:

This is great and all… but you guys do realize that almost ALL fans from
each city do this when they send their team of the to the SB. Baltimore
did this exact same thing last year. 

Aiden Foster says:

This is a good post! Gives us good insight that NFL network cannot even
give us. I played High-School Football but damn, this that unknown

A'K Rug'baller says:

the least marshawn can do is suport his team mate with his jounalism
aspirations. and be in his behind the scenes…before it was funny but now
its just rude.

Giraffe George says:

Bandwagons or true fans, that’s pretty damn impressive by a fanbase to do
something like that. You’re talking about a 20-30 minute drive from the
headquarters to the airport

Jacob Silj says:

Anyone who says Seahawk fans are bandwagoners is a moron and needs to watch
this video.

Bryant Donner says:

The guy driving their bus is my grandpa.

MrGodismypower says:

Did anyone else notice that Christine Michael was wearing white socks w/
the timberlands? Lol

Evan Rivera says:

13:15 where did tha face come from. 

aaron malpica says:

Yea man! Show them 40bitchers our real fans, Real Rob! Go Seass!

Sea Hawks says:

The season is among us, I can smell it, LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bigglewings says:

From your biggest fan in Jakarta, Indonesia. This made me tear up a bit. I
miss Seattle, and I love my Hawks! Pria Keduabelas (12th man) for life!

Allan Canares says:

Man I would Repp da Blue and Green til day I die Mothafuckers and fuck da
Rest off da Other Team Specially Fuck da 40 Whiners and thier bitch ass QB
kaperDick he aint sh*t anyways Seahawkzzzzzzzz Baby

sky North says:

im a die hard 9ers fan and absolutely despise the hawks….but man…after
watching the fans gather and cheer for the buses….man that is something
special. Hawk fans are cool i guess…. 

poet253rd says:

It was a number that city officials brought up as well. When there are that
many people, u have to have an estimate in case of an emergency. U had
aerial photos and police who had sections that had to roughly determine the
amount of people in that area. I love how people try to disprove the amount
of people there but weren’t there. The stadium holds over 60,000. I’ve been
to those games and the lines of people waiting is crazy. Multiply that mass
of people 10 to 12 Times and there u go. Schools were half empty and
businesses closed down for that parade. 

E Doucette says:

What took so long? Post some stuff from jersey!

AMH3 TV says:

SO This Was before the Super Bowl?….

Hawks Girl says:

Miss you on the team Mike!

Wizzle1Taketv says:

That was crazy. Best fans in the world . Smh and Im a Titans fan

Stewart Tele says:

If the Hawks don’t resign you, they should at least hire you to do more of
your vids. I believe we got more loyal and avid fans due to your videos.

Saw the one with Moffitt down in Denver and it wasn’t working. Denver
looked like they were scared of the camera and what’s going to get out.
You have a trust base with the players and that’s not something that can
go just anywhere.

Can’t wait to see more…


packers & seahawks have the best fans in the league :)

Bryan Quintana says:

I’m a rams fan. I will take you guys as champs over the 9ners any day.

TeamTacticalTaco says:

I see you ceto!

JayMellowed says:

This coming from a Ravens fan, congrats to the Seahawks winning the Super
Bowl, even though it wasn’t entertaining. Looking forward to seeing this
team accomplish more in the coming years.

MrTommyg024 says:



lilbam19 says:

damn, thats alot of fan support

Oudahm Lim says:

this (and part 2) should be in the special features of the championship
bluray. if this was added in a re-release i would buy it again!

flobanez says:

This was awesome! I laughed really hard at “I see Hausch! He got some love
Hausch!” I love how it ended too….good to see Phillip Bates again.
Awesome job, Mike! Go Hawks!

MrGodismypower says:

One reason why I can see this team winning the Super Bowl again is because
of the team chemistry. I love this team. Dynasty in the making 

DJ Han says:

Seattle’s best fans!

Sean Anderson says:

no wonder they kickd azz. THATS LOVE RIGHT THERE. WOW. Eagles fans better
learn this.

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