“Miracle at the Clink”-NFC Championship Seahawks vs Packers (NorbCam)

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To watch this split-screened with game footage, go to: https://vimeo.com/122115405

Relive the greatest win in Seahawks playoffs history – NorbCam style! Before, during and after the game! The train ride to the Clink, meeting Momma Blue at the Club, and pre-game hype in the mens room! See what it was like to be in the stands to experience the frustration, despair and eventual elation as the Seahawks overcame a 16 point deficit to defeat the Green Bay Packers in the greatest comeback in NFL Championship history.


Super Bowl XLIX Champions says:

28-24 :)

Pancho Trujano says:

I’ve been waiting forever for this!
I prefer the Vimeo version of this though I hate how YouTube doesn’t let
you use any game footage. But I feel like it’s way better with the side by
side screens yaknow

Milk man says:

Where in the video is the interaction with the other guy 

Alain Castillo says:

Norb love your vids man lets go Seahawks

Mac Jones says:

Just saw it. Cool video. Also, the part about your friend next to you
saying “they are leaving” that was the fans leaving right? How did you feel
about that? I read that some people regretted leaving after the big
comeback, and to me, thats the kind of thing bandwagons fans do. Since I am
a neutral fan (but I do like your videos) I do not care, but how did you
feel about that? 

Daniel R says:

Norb you should do a video on your predictions for next years Seahawks as
well. Or a video on how Jimmy Graham can/will impact the Seahawks offense,
I would love to watch you dissect the impact that Jimmy Graham will have on
the Seahawks offense, and what Cary Williams will provide on defense. Love
watching your videos man! Keep up the good work!

Yo Mama says:

I love you so much Norb-Cam, been waiting for this one for AGES!!!! Thank
you for the best game recaps with fan footage. GO HAWKS!!!! 12’s!!!!


Great video norb. I think this game was the most emotional I have ever been
during a game. I’m glad you stayed under control. I about jumped out of my
chair screaming and in tears. You rock norb keep up the good work

Epic minecarft says:

The biggest win in playoff history followed by the biggest fail in playoff
history. (If you don’t know what I am talking about it is them winning this
game then losing the next.)

terrelya83 says:

Finally!! It only took you two years to get this posted!! LoL

Norb-Cam says:

Relive the “Miracle at the Clink” #NFCCHAMPIONSHIP #PACKERS #SEAHAWKS

F8alaty45 says:

Finally!! I have been waiting for this, but you can go ahead and keep the
Super Bowl one to yourself, better yet destroy it, it may never see the
light of day

Nick Shoemaker says:

If I was sitting next to you I would hit you in the face. This is
unbelievably obnoxious

Ian Piper says:

If the seahawks did it the all blacks and black caps can do it better

Lumberjack Raider says:

I like the vibe of the stadium but your fans still aren’t as insane as the

MrRussian2023 says:

Yeah epic comeback

gabriel letteresegabriel says:

I have to say I love watching ur videos and ur reactions!

empire bacon says:

I’m from Puyallup Washington too Allan!!

The Hashtaggers says:

I cried when the packers lost, that onside kick just screwed us over

Daniel R says:

Let’s go Hawks! Can’t wait until the next move in free agency!!! 

Damiane Gaskin says:

I’m a Patriots fan but I love this page

Sonic & Friends says:

this is the true nfc championship norb-cam episode that aired today.notice
how the miracle music that played in the offical airing has been removed
before the shorter verson aired during the closing credits.

Eden Moyal says:

Thanks so much Norb we all really appreciate it. 

TheSOADMezmerize says:

Woo! I’ll watch it tonight Norb.

jacky chan says:


Ian Piper says:

Did golden tate leave

Daniel R says:

Nope, but I will be sure to check that video out!

jacky chan says:

Why did u upload it again

Harry Greenberg says:

When will the super bowl be up on Vimeo?

Dean Uanno says:

This brang tears to my eyes

Ahmed A. says:

Third comment

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