Miracle at the Clink: NFC Championship-Seahawks vs Packers, Norb-Cam view

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Experience one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history as the Seahawks overcame a 16 point deficit to defeat the Packers 28-22 to go to their 2nd straight Super Bowl. GO HAWKS!!!


Norb-Cam says:

Thank you for watching! Just to let you all know, I AM going to the Super
Bowl along with my dad, Mark (guy on my right) and my pal, Pat, who appears
in my other game videos. I am working on the full game video. It’s been a
little crazy lately, so it’s taking some time to get it done. I’ll post the
link here when it is ready. I am no longer allowed to put game footage in
videos here due to copyright restrictions by NFL & YouTube. The camera I
use is a Nikon D800, not a camcorder or Go Pro or cel phone. 

LouieLewLou1 says:

I think everybody in WA state screamed when Kearse call it!

darkangelsoaps says:

NORB!!!!! Saw you on Sports Illustrated!!!!! Prepare for Norb-Cam to
explode!!!! Here is the link!! http://www.si.com/nfl Its right on their
front page and has a screen shot of you and its titled …. Seahawks Fan
Captures Drama with Video Selfie from NFC Championship Game!!!! You made
freaking Sports Illustrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michelle Hernandez says:

People go ahead and call the 12th man “bandwagoners” because some people
left the game early. But did people not watch when the hawks reviewed the
trophy? The stadium was practically full, were there empty sections? Was it
dead silent because everyone had left? No. I’m not going to defend the
people that did, or criticize them because they’re already doing that to
themselves. So for the people saying we’re all a fraud…jealousy is a

PhilaDehlia says:

what an amazing game!! haha love this vid, so happy for u Norb. Good luck
in AZ :)

Maricel Valdez says:

I had a delayed reaction. My heart was hurting so bad that I shut the world
off right before the 2 minute warning…& took a nap lol. My son said I was
sobbing & muttering in my sleep “we lost…the Seahawks lost…” He’s on
restriction so he wasn’t supposed to have social media but he snuck it in &
3 hours later he woke me up and asked “Mom u sure we lost? Bc I’m seeing
post saying otherwise…” I Googled the score and saw 22-28 Seahawks and
lost it!! I was balling my eyes out! 

Gary Ho says:

I’m a 49ers fan, but I picked Seattle to win this game. I went all in and
bet $600 on the Seahawks. When Wilson connected with Kearse in OT, it was
one of the happiest moments of my life. 

maddenastro says:

People call me a bandwagoner because I’m a Seahawks fan. I’ve been a
Seahawks fan for 3 years now, and this is why. First of all, I’m from
Australia, therefore I don’t have a local team to support. Second of all
and most importantly, to me the personnel the Seahawks have such as
Sherman, Kam, Earl Thomas, Russ, Beast Mode etc. are all really really fun
to watch. They bring a different level of excitement to the league, and
make it interesting. However, the fact that Sherman made it out of Compton
to be successful, inspires me a lot. When we won the SB last year when
everyone doubted us (especially due to our receivers), we showed we can
play offense and proved them wrong. This game, we were down and kept
believing to fight towards a win. All of those things make me a die-hard
Seahawks fan. Win, lose or draw, I’ll be a 12 till the end. Lets go Hawks,
lets win this Superbowl baby! By the way, great video once again Norb-Cam.

Your Local Atheist says:

What a game. Right after the win, I told my wife I couldn’t wait to see
your reaction. Pretty sad right. I’m not a man of faith. But, after that
game I might start going to church again. Question to you and all the 12’s.
What do we call this game? The Miracle in Seattle seem pretty lame. Any
Ideals? BTW, loved the video. Shout out to all the 12’s and much love to
the PAC players and fans. I think I speak for all the true 12’s when I say
that we have nothing but respect for the Packers and their fans. GO

SwanASF says:

I was crying for a good 5-10 minuets straight after this game 

Andrew Lake says:

Super cool video of fan reaction in the stands at yesterday’s crazy NFC
championship game.


La Molcajete says:

No offense Norb but your wife is smokin’

Norb-Cam says:

Seahawks vs. Packers Miracle Comeback: Norb-Cam view! #GBvsSEA #SEAHAWKS

Beto Aguirre says:

Great video, Norb. 

poet253rd says:

Never. Stop. Believing. People were leaving the stadium. People were giving
up on Facebook and Twitter. Real fans stuck with it until the end. At
halftime, I posted a status that said we would win 27-19. Even when Kearse
misses that ball and it gets picked with 5 minutes left in the 4th quarter,
I didn’t give up. My wife uttered, “It’s over.” I just kept believing. And
then it happened. We scored. Then the onside kick. Once we recovered, there
was no doubt in my mind that we would finish with a win. You don’t fight
that hard to get beat in the end. Fast forward to overtime. When Wilson let
that ball go, silence. And then you realize Kearse has his man beat. The
ball falls from the sky perfectly into Kearse’s arms and loud screaming
followed by a deep exhale. What a game. Still trying to understand how
great that comeback was. Thanks +Norb-Cam for sharing this. Love the raw
emotion. GO HAWKS!!


Im an Eagles fan, The last time I had success like this was 2004, but we
lost to the Pats in the Superbowl. And trust me hawks fans, the Patriots
are not a good team to lose too, especially when it comes out that they
were cheating the very next off season. And our Quarterback and T.O were
injured. I will have my Hawks gear on Next Sunday.

patriots20002 says:

I’d like the Seahawks organization much more if it weren’t for that
immature Marshawn Lynch and that bandwagon fan base. Really? No real fan
leaves before the game ends. Not saying Norb is a bandwagon fan but there
are tons of them. Anyway, can’t wait for SB49

Super Bowl XLIX Champions says:

Seattle: Where bandwagon fans are made

Elias Junior says:

Man… I cried like a baby in the end of this game and almost cry seem this
video… Great video again Norb! And, we are going to the SB again!!

Toru Yokoi says:

Congratulations on 10,000 subscribers, by the way!!!!

marsh84722 says:

The packers went easy on the seahawks for the sake of their fans. If
seahawks were an honorable team then they should forfeit their place in the
superbowl to the packers.

LA_Hohn says:

We came back from 16 down in this years NFC Championship game, back from 10
down in last years.. What made this one so outwardly emotional? 12s, what
say you?

Daejin Tye says:

Man… I was at the Sacramento International Airport… I got to my gate
with the game on the T.V. at 5 minutes left in the 4th… I sat down as
they finished showing the replay of that 4th INT…

Oh my god.. I made a scene at the airport. I was in my full team colors and
screaming, clapping and cheering… The only one there who was as well… I
was so damn happy to get to see that amazing comeback live…

Never had a doubt… Even when others were questioning me on the Seahawks’
chances… I confidently stood by them the whole time…


Braden Weir says:

Awesome vid Norb! This was a great game but in MSN’s top NFL playoff games
of all time list the Ravens vs Broncos 2012 Divisional wasn’t on the list.
I mean come the fuck on. A game tying hail mary with :30 left and a game
winning field goal in 2OT in -20 degree weather on the road, really?
Overall great vid and I hope the hawks beat the cheaters in the Super Bowl!

Josh Kuhn says:

little tip for next time, put what people see on tv in the corner

Corek BleedingHollow says:

That was the most bullshit game i’ve ever seen and i’m not a Packers fan. I
wonder why this video is so short? Wilson played like a high school
quarterback (Zero first downs in the first quarter). Packers pretty much
gave it up in the last quarter and everyone’s gonna be praising Wilson for
this “greatest” comeback ever. If you think the Patriots are going down
like Manning and the Broncos last year, you’re dead wrong.

neckisstiff says:

25 Patriots fans disliked this video….why….Because they know the
Seahawks have the BIGGER HEART and can over come Adversity!!!! Never count
the Seahawks out… NEVER.

robert oren says:

been a hawks fan all my life …. and also lived in connecticut with no
Hawk fans most of my life i want to thank you for this channel it’s as
close as i will ever get to be with the greatest fans in the world from
the kingdome to the link we always loved our seahawks!! thanks so
much for all you do

Sea Hawks says:

Best ever, but now you can’t show the game, takes away so much, f*ck! Would
be 10x more epic if we could have the split screen with the plays, Seahawks
should sign you exclusive rights on youtube to show footage of the games,
should pay you for promoting them lol. 12 cents per.

Leaundra Ross says:

I love it! Your expressions were priceless. The game was so crazy good.
They never gave up and deserved this win!

Zack Franz says:

@norbcam I love that your dad says “it’s this hat that did it” me and my
pops are superstitious too and our traditional biscuits and gravy and his
Seahawks sweatshirt helped us win too. 

Ronald Harper says:

+Norb-Cam Your facial expressions made me laugh so incredibly hard. Thank
you :-)

Manny Islas says:

19-7. It was a 12 point difference. Suspicious!

judy hollingsworth says:

I teared up. Almost had a heart attack. Moved parts of my body that I
couldn’t move before. Didn’t know that my dog was French kissing me. We
must have scared the fish because they were leaping out of the tank and
spitting water on the cats, and the worst of all. I spelt my beer. Thanks a
lot Wilson ! Thanks a lot Kearse !.
Go Hawks!!! Love Seattle.

eon14873 says:

do the nfl a favour and beat the cheating cunts in the superbowl please

robert warren says:

To the rest of the free and civilized world: PLEASE do not judge America by
the Seahawks or their fans. I promise, we are MUCH better people than

Feon Jun says:

Yeah! Yeah! The Seahawks won. Who’s the hot woman next to you?

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