How the Seahawks Could Have Won By More Against the Redskins

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In their first regular season win against Washington since 1998, Donovan McNabb, Randy Moss and Jay Glazer tell us how Percy Harvin and the Seahawks’ 27-17 win, could have been by more!


adon cabre says:

Randy Moss was the only trying the emphasize Seahawks’ putrid passing game,
and which seems to be “scramble-mode”.

J Kelley says:

@profd65….you my friend are right on dee money. ..straight B.S.calls

Tyrone Good says:

That lady sure had some great comments. HAHA not.

Brandon Haskins says:

actually, McNabb’s take on football is spot on 80% of the time. He sees
down the road and usually calls it on the money. 

profd65 says:

Most of the penalties on Seattle were bullshit. The NFL obviously
instructed the refs to keep the game close, so viewers wouldn’t turn-off
their TVs at halftime.

BigHawk LOB says:

Plz fire mcnabb. Moss barely makes the cut. Glazer has to hold these two
together tho. And Im a huge hawks fan.

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