First Take – Seattle Seahawks Trade Percy Harvin

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Mike Wallace says:

Jets SUCK ASS ! My condolences to Percy…..

Zane CDust says:

Can someone tell me why they trade him!? Attitude problems?

kevinmeagher55 says:

Steph A saying someone’s getting screwed over….I’m sorry, whyyyy would
they screw him over? He’s BY FAR their most explosive offensive weapon…do
they NOT want to be good on offense?

Makes 0 sense.

rangetill125 says:

Let’s not beat around the bush. If you don’t know Stephen A implying they
tarnishing black player’s reputations. And someone who commented below has
a point – Riley Cooper still on the Eagles. Not saying I agree with Stephen
A cause i dont know but, food for thought.

Rico Suave says:

The Seahawks team is full of assholes. Now karma is giving them what they
deserve, it started this weekend by losing to the sorry ass Rams 

richardreptar1 says:

I agree with Stephen A…if he was such a locker room issue than why wasn’t
it a big deal before this ?

Viperstrike28 says:

All I’m gonna say is this, riley cooper makes racist remarks. Probably a
huge locker room distraction, probably fights… He is still on team.
Desean might be in a gang… Gone.

Hmmmmm… Thats weird i wonder what difference is… What is different
about cooper hmmmm… I wonder…

Brendan Khoun says:

I was surprised he was traded but wasn’t surprised about the altercations
and taking himself out of games. I think the Seahawks will be fine. Percy
is like a jack of all trades but isn’t exceptional at anything. I hope Jets
can get the most out of him!

Taelan Baylor says:

Percy Harvin got screwed over? He got dumped for a conditional 3rd round.

Espn First Take says:
Almsrac3r says:

Its a business….. Could you have really thought differently??!?!

ghettopandaz says:

Percy got screwed over

dimskees says:

Percy didn’t want to go back into the Dallas game…do you guys think Pete
would just tap him on the shoulder and say next game maybe? Thats what got
him the boot, not the anger stuff. If it was anger stuff, Harvin would have
been gone after the superbowl. 

Jlove4life says:

EXACTLY: Why are we just hearing about this NOW?!?! Anger management
probles – REALLY?!?!?!

hzboi says:

Percy Harvin is the new Desean Jackson

mataio viliamu says:

lol “trickeration”

oopopp x says:

You know you have a problem locker room when Sherman is on your team but
isn’t considered the biggest dickhead.

Linc Crajon says:

Oh I must also add that there’s no way Percy would have gotten away with
his shit for so long if Clem, Big Red Bryant and Michael Robinson were
still on this team.

Linc Crajon says:

I must say, having had a whole weekend to think about this, I am
disappointed at the way the Hawks handled this. I’d rather have seen him be
inactive for yesterday’s game, and traded on this week. Getting pulled off
the team bus as the rest of the players are headed to a crucial divisional
matchup just doesn’t bode well for team chemistry. Something else must have
happened besides him pulling himself from that Dallas game. Having said all
that, what the fuck is Stephen A. talking about? They weren’t trying to
screw Percy by saying he had anger management issues. This has been a well
known and accepted fact for quite sometime now around the NFL. Percy’s been
goin off on his own players and coaches ever since he was in pee wee.

Nick Hayes says:

Percy Harvin got screwed over? Are you fucking kidding, 18 million dollars
to play in 8 games is not what I would consider getting screwed over.

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