First Take – How Good Are The Seattle Seahawks ?

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jessejones14 says:

Wilson is going to be key for seattle in order to repeat. their defense
with no pressure up front like last year is beatable they are a zone
defense that cant defend the long ball very well mainly because of earl
thomas the guy cant cover 

TheCMTruth says:

Seahawks has a easy schedule to me . All of the teams can be easily
defeated by Seattle . I think they will be 15-1.

Raul Ruiz says:

bitch said we losing to Dallas at home…

Vishu Yelisetty says:

“not one not two not three but three td’s called back” really SAS?

Define Awesome? says:

The Seahawks aren’t as dominate as they used to be. They are the best in
the NFL don’t get me wrong but they aren’t on the same level as they were
last year and I think some teams will be able to expose that. 

scott horton says:

Yeah right. With all the different positions they are going to acquire
Percy harvin in. That ALONE can drive a defensive coordinator mad. NO ONE
can cover him! And when they try to double team him it will be too late
huge yard bundles to lynch and Wilson weather its throwing or rushing.
Seattle is gonna rip Dallas a new one. (Lynch 2 TDs +110 yards) (Murray 15
carries for 45 yards 0 TD’s) (Romo 2 turnovers 1 INT) DAL 14 – SEA – 34

Stevo2o6 says:

seahawks had 13 penalties for 90 yards, had 3 TDs called back and still won
the game by 10. That tells you how good they are. As far as people thinking
Dallas will beat them just stop it. Are we talking about the same dallas
team that almost lost to the rams and barely beat the Texans with the
horrible Fitzpatrick? Gimme a break, i like what dallas is doing this year
but they havent beat no one yet. 

IsaacH1273 says:

marshawn = thunder, percy = lightning, lightning, russell = tornado.

Money Matt says:

Lost a lot on defense this year. Red bryant, chris clemons, walter Thurmond
lll and brandon Browner got big money elsewhere. All key ppl in to the
success of are defense. Where not the same defense but are offense has got
better then last year.

Julius Virrissimo-DaSilva says:

Skip has to also realize that the receivers dropped a ton of passes and
that also created a bit of stress on Russell Wilson


Seahawks will loose to KC(road game), NYG(defense, tight ends), maybe
49ers(keep ball away from crabtree) & Cardinals(maybe) I would say the
Eagles and Cowboys but their quarterbacks aren’t capable. Their only home
loss will be against the NYGiants because the Giants have both the offense
and the defense that matches up with the 49ers and they can play on the

Moninn Yem says:

Seattle is better this year. Even more explosive with Percy healthy. We
have a triple threat in offense with Beast, RW and Harvin. We just need a
number 1 receiver like we did with Rice. NFL is a copy cat league and we
are under every teams radar. Hawks need to stay discipline and keep playing
there own football. They may figured hawks a little bit but the brilliancy
of Coach Carroll is to keep playing sound football.

emdeethao says:

For sure they losing to 49ers at 49ers home..

EverlstingAura says:


Cari just stop trying to get in on the conversation. You just sound dumb

JC-525 says:

Seattle will be fine. Skip and SAS forget that Seattle almost lost to the
titans and bucs at home last season. 

Espn First Take says:
TheCMTruth says:

If Cowboys win against Seattle they are gonna win their division.

Joe Johnson says:

look at all the, we have percy harvin, comments! L-M-F-A-O

Bandwagon city USA!

Get a clue seattle. your DONE.


Are they the best? Haha . They will lose more than 5 . Come on the best
teams right now are the Broncos and the Cowboys and this coming from a
niners fan . 

mksrookies says:

Not has good has DALLAS

Michael Oliveras says:

Not 1 not 2 not 3 but 3 touchdowns 

ColossalEd says:

Go Cards!!

Raymond Thomas says:

Dallas stomp y all ass in the ground

Tiger Tyrant says:


tys disposition says:

I love listening to fools say the seahawks aren’t as good as they were last
year. You guys that catch 2 or 3 nationaly televised games a year and then
think you know something. lol

Domenic Lavigna says:

As a bronco fan Seattle is far superior . Hopefully we we se them again

HBSThugLife says:

Let’s not forget that Romo threw 3 ints I think it was in the first quarter
against the niners. And that was a home for them!! Tony Romo won’t be able
to handle the environment and noise that awaits in Seattle. The broncos
(which by the way was a great game) couldn’t come up with the win. And
that’s with Peyton Manning, Emanuel Sanders, Demarcus ware, aqib talib,
etc. But I’ll admit that the cowboy’s offense has improved since week 1.
But since Seattle is at home, and the 12 man fuel up and wanting to reclaim
their record for loudest stadium. I predict the Seahawks winning 31-17

rumandcoke32 says:

Het shehawks fans…..if they cant beat Dallas you can scratch them off the
list for repeating. 

Nick Hayes says:

The defense is not as dominant as it was last season but on the other side
the offense has made a lot of improvements, so overall they seem to be just
as good a team as last season.

devon cooper says:

They aren’t the same team as they were last year. Playoffs.. They will go
but they wont go to the super bowl. 

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