Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks: Week 3

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ThatsGoodBroncos covers the Denver Broncos loss to the Seattle Seahawks with a thrilling 26-20.


Peyton Manning led the Denver Broncos to a last second touchdown and 2 point conversion to tie the game against the Seahawks sending it into overtime. In Overtime Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch sealed the victory with a touchdown drive on their first possession.

The Refs missed about a million calls, and the Broncos still almost won.

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Brandon Perna does a mediocre job highlighting the Broncos NFL season. If you like mediocrity then follow Brandon on:





Josh Ruble says:

haha. I loved the part when I could tell how fucking bitter you were about
the final drive. the seahawks are gonna absolutely own the broncos for the
tenure of Russell wilsons career. enjoy that. cheers!

broncosfan02 says:

god seriously i hate seattle fans…
they were like the jacksonville jaguar fans before 2012: never heard of.
the ONLY person i *ever* knew during my entire life before 2012 that was a
true seahawks fan, was my 6th grade drumline band teacher Mr. Terry.
He was by far the coolest teacher nigga ive ever known.
he could not only absolutely jam out on the drums but he always had his lil
seahawks key lanyard during seattle’s (like most of their history) shitty
fast forward to two years ago, and vegas, like almost everywhere now, is
plagued by annoying seahawks fans who think they have a dynasty… fml….

Stephen Deac says:

My HAWKS beat your horsees 9 out of 10 every time. Nice to see that the
upgrades did you no good. Your show is entertaining and well put together
and even funny. GO HAWKS!

Jules Dash says:

Enjoy this brief window of fleeting success while wearing your beanies,
growing your hipster beards, listening to grunge and drinking your lattes.
In high school you hated football because it was so “mainstream” with your
goth makeup and teen issues…..most of you more than likely dressed up
like vampires at one point in time… now you’re a “huge fan” because hey
everyone else seems to be into it right?..Bullshit !
I hate you so much… very very much

P.s. Richard Sherman looks like Ru Paul .. and that’s NOT a compliment.

sinnersaintx1 says:

I told you was going to loose.GO HAWKS!

dhide14 says:

Denver Broncos?? = Seattle’s BITCH!!!

big pun says:

i’ve alerted many people about your website bro. keep it up

FreshlySnipes says:

Nice video bro. As a Seahawks fan I can appreciate your video. I think a
lot of credit should be given to Russell Wilson tho, he did work. That
being said, Broncos played well by taking advantage of Wilsons first and
rare INT of the year. The end of the 4th quarter reminded me of the
Seahawks in Atlanta when we gave up a score with 40 seconds left. Our
prevent defense is a fuckin joke. Either way excellent game. See you later
this year 😉


Early Riser says:

Another good video and a great game. The off sides call was totally blown
and would’ve given the Broncos a first down, momentum and who knows what
would’ve happened next…..I wish you would’ve explained the draw plays on
third down though. I just don’t get what the Broncos OC was thinking or did
Peyton audible to the draw?

Eric Boughton says:

Wilson man handled Ware like a little bitch in that little scrum. Look on
the bright side, you won that preseason game. You will just have to hold on
to that one………forever…

Chillax says:

Go Hawks. Bitches.

Michele Bailey says:

What about Bennett trying to take Peyton’s head off?!!!…No flag for
ruffing the passer…WTF?!! Ref’s always seem to favor Seattle at
home…which is bullshit!! As far as the all might Broncos…. WARD IS THE
SHIIIIIIIT!!! So glad we have him!! The defense does look better this year
for sure,..even though they let Lynch just bounce right into the end zone!!
FUCKN HATE HATE HATE OT RULE!! Peyton better learn brilliant coin toss
calling…cause you’re probable fucked if you guess wrong! Anyway, another
great video Brandon! And gooooooooooo Broncos!!! 

ThatsGoodSports says:
kenny nguyen says:


The Buffalo Soldier says:

only time people complain about the refs is when Seattle wins. huh….

Alex Meki says:

Good video. Good game. But ya fan got to stop with all the bitching!!!
C’mon acknowledge the fucking defeat and eat the mutha fucking crow!!! I
swear, you guys are a bigger bitch and cry babies than the whinners. You
guys are always bitching when you lose. So, if we would of won with the
score of 20 – 12. What would of been the excuse? The ref. ? Haha. But yeah,
Good excuse for this win! Coin toss!? Haha… But seriously, Like im
curious. if this year, you guys dont win the super bowl or not make it! WTF
are you guys going to do without manning if he does decides retires? Just
saying… But that ain’t my business. (Sipping my Seattle latte) 

metalzep786 says:

It’s so funny to see all the seacocks getting to talk shit finally! Feels
good to be out of the basement. doesn’t it?! Come on back to hot ‘Lanta
anytime (especially during playoffs!) and the Falcons will take care of

matrixdevonshire says:

Where’s the rest of the NFL? Stop avoiding the criticism! 

MrPopdopp says:

Go Seahawks screw the Denver donkeys

Nathan Fantauzza says:

Please do an instructional video on your fist pump technique @:11 that
carried you offscreen. 

Ivan Delatorre says:

i dont know how i ended up on this clip but thumbs up great entertainment i
dislike phil simms maybe i can place a call to the seahawks witch craft ceo
and see if they can make it happen.

russell wilson is never scared………..

Marc Amico says:

Lmmfao!!! I celebrated the same exact way when the Seahawks scored in ot.
I”ve been patiently,and angrily waiting for 25 yrs for Seattle to be this
good. We were decent in the mid millennium. But,not nearly as good as we
are now. Great game. I was hoping Peyton wouldn’t get the ball back,because
we would”ve lost. Funny ass video about Seattle’s witchcraft. Lol. Great
job. Broncos are still a good team. Good luck on your season and we”ll see
in superbowl 49. 

darkpig13 says:

Brandon when we gonna get update’s on your girlfriends fantasy team? love
your stuff keep up the great work look forward to this every week 

Quinn Bilitz says:

You should talk about the Detroit Lions more, lol

Mike Splitt says:

If you watch the fumble in the beginning Montee Ball actually got it back,
but they didn’t even fucking take a second look. alright ill quit bitching
about the horrible reffed game 

Jan Norman says:

My buddies and I are going to get your website 1,000 clicks.

Juls Rayvin says:

It’s not witch craft it’s talent that Seattle has Payton manning is over

CMiY0 says:

Brandon the Broncos blow!!! Patriots SB Champs 2015!

20Frankyboy says:

Even though Broncos loss,they still won

neckisstiff says:

I love how last season all you dumb Bronco fans were on a high because
Peyton was breaking records in the NFL. He’s not breaking anything this
year, GUARANTEED. Broncos had one of the easiest schedules last year and
never played a quality top 10 defense! HA HA…. you guys got absolutely
THROTTLED in the Super bowl. Do not make excuses that you guys lost,
because there was more Seahawks fans in the stadium as well. BULLSHIT ON
THAT. I would rather have my team not make the playoff’s or lose in the
playoff’s then lose in the biggest game of all the Superbowl. 

will nemms says:

Nfl good at showing as few marquee cames as possible this year it seems
instead of the teams with the best records not including home teams just
the games out of your area.I believe Seattle and Dallas definitely should
have been the marquee game this week not Atlanta and Chicago two 2-3 teams.

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