Chelsea FC – Chelsea play American Football with the Seahawks

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Gigi Salmon takes you through the latest Chelsea training session as they were joined by members of the Seattle Seahawks American Football Team.

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GamerDares Wins says:

Americans playing real football 

Yuri Ivanov says:

1:23 That’s cool. I’ve never seen anyone do that with a football :)

alameano says:

wow soccer players practising in sunlight must be a first

David C says:

nice little cultural exchange

jeremy tran says:

Your a

david mumford says:


Burn0Man says:

Guess again

hotdogman67 says:

Lol, do the Brits really call American Football handegg? Lol, that’s
hilarious. I might have to start calling it that myself, just for shits and
giggles. XD

Dvo says:

those American Football guy are so huge

Nate Zeller says:

I have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about

Hein Minne says:

Drogba plays for Shejung (or something) FC

Brice Hornsby says:

you forgot cahill

Yibin Wang says:

Lukaku to take Drogba place! Thumbs up!

Aaron Garcia says:

What would happen to world soccer if kids here would rather play it than
football? The US would dominate international competition.

Baja Nečural says:

ITS NTO SOCCER !!!!!!!!!!!!

BobTheBuilderManDem says:

American handegg

mariofan38 says:

It’s technically both, it just depends on where you’re at. If I’m in Great
Britain, I won’t expect you to call our football, football. I’ll expect you
to call it american football, its correct name in Great Britain, and I’ll
call it the same to avoid confusion with football (in Great Britain,
because I wouldn’t be in the USA, where it’s soccer) fans. Apparently,
Americans are more respectful of others’ culture? Who knew!

SVDC says:

i thought lukaku was a big lad, but those seahawks are giant!! I would like
to see chelsea do a real american football match within their team, lukaku
would kick ass! 😀

Shax H says:

Hahaha very nice…. But fuck Chelsea MUFC 4 Life

TheeCRZAZL says:


kfreshh16 says:

It’s our culture. It’s our word. If we wanna call a sport by a different
word then we will. We don’t check to see if okay. It’s wrongly mis-titled
by who’s standards? yours? aaand? We call it football. It’s only a big deal
if you make it a big deal. We do have our own culture just like you have

Nate Zeller says:

pffft. We have the strongest army in the world. Maybe you guys can come
over here on July 4th and celebrate us kicking you guys out of our country.

FilipsVids says:

if u love mufc then what are you doing here? twat

ModernMyth6277 says:

so they don’t get injured………..

ThomasPianecz says:

@cmcgowan96 That will certainly happen just a matter of time.

Roman Shuhevich says:

Lampard what a touchdown!

thatdriscollmob says:

Buy a HD camera.

skippytwitz says:

well you americans started it first …

dingwei7 says:

Dunno wtf she’s on about with this strange word “soccer”

cunnt flapp says:

That bitch really fucks me off! Ugly cunt

Jernej K says:

Messi can juggle his boots 😀

paranomal99 says:

Like for Drogba statue at Wembley :

стока нускнвп says:

Where is Ivanović? -.-

loyal royal says:

Lol allow chelsea , reading fc 4 life

tehhazz says:

Yay for Gigi!

Ramone L-B says:

Yeah i doubt he’ll play a major part but he will play some part. I was just
stating that he has gone with the Spain squad with Mata. And yeah I’ve just
seen the news that £25mil deal has been agreed for Oscar. Haven’t seen much
of him but what I have seen he looks to be a good creative player. All we
need now is an actual right back and not a decent make-shift one in
Ivanovic, an actual defending right back.

HDZoHaaN says:

Yeah i know Chelsea normally just play with one striker on the pitch (which
will most likely be Torres/Sturridge/Lukaku if we don’t purchase another
striker) but it would be good to see them play 2 upfront to see what the
outcome would be 🙂

mariofan38 says:

In Britain, y’all call it american football. I’m American, and I know this.
Y’all have BUAFL(British Universities American Football League), for
university-level american football, and the BAFANL(British American
Football Association National Leagues) for club-level american football. If
we’re looking for alternative names to american football, then gridion
football should do the trick. The football part remains, though. It is the
name. You can be respectful, or you can prove my point.

anil2 says:

Will he play tho? Also should wish good luck to Oscar as its looks like we
signed him for £25m

MikeMallorca2010 says:

guys please… cant we just stop this ridicolous “football not soccer –
soccer not football” many people use the term “soccer” even europeans, its
so ridicolous that we fight over that. that we share the passion about the
actually game, thats amazing and should not be ruined by what we called it.

joakims09 says:

Love the Gold training shirts <3 Champions of Europe!

Tommy Jones says:

We love you Chelsea we do!

Ben Calder-Potts says:

@SuperGjoko brazilian oscar dos santos he’s around 20 years and he’s around
30 million

Shax H says:

im here to start on you faggots

Moslem Mosbah says:

LOL me too i thought she said Vegine xD

skippytwitz says:

typical arrogant americans calling their crappy sport football and changing
the name of real football to soccer

Jordan Johnson says:

they are faster than you can imagine

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