Best Fan Reactions to Seahawks’ miracle win vs Packers (NFC Championship Game 2015)

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The best, funniest and craziest fan reactions (compilation) to Seattle Seahawks game-winning touchdown in OT vs the Green Bay Packers after incredible comeback!

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Ngaru Nen says:

I wish my packers would of won today but hey Seattle you guys deserve it
just make sure to beat the patriots in the super bowl

xXBearsBullsBlackhawks4Life96xX says:

SUCK IT GB! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Matthew Torres says:

2nd dude lmaoo so much emotion i love it! all glory to god #GOHAWKS 

TightManlyPants says:

This video contains the exact number of total Seattle Seahawks fans that
existed before the 2013 season.

kingof206 says:

2nd dude is a fag

Cosmo Kramer says:


mathiasmorqubus says:

Seahawks win inspite of themselves.Way to go Seattle have been a fan since
83(company told my dad he was going to get transferred there but never
happen) been a fan ever since.Best damn game i have watched in 2 years. Now
go get a third straight for the Audubon society.

Katelin Kent says:

GO HAWKS. that packers fan lady is a retarded, “is it over?” Lol, u kno
nothing about football! wish I would’ve recorded mine/my families. we went
freakin CRAZY says:

Ever wonder what pure joy of seeing your team going to the #SuperBowl
looks like? Here’s some of the best reactions from #Seahawks fans around
the internet. 

John Tedesco says:

Love the guy who goes outside to scream with joy and completely forgets
he’s in the presence of small children. NSFW. Go hawks.

rogerwhutwhut says:

Wow that took a sharp, dark turn at 3:30

41Legion29of31Boom25 says:

Ctfu @ the guy cant open door… best game ive ever seen GoHawks

richardisamazing1994 says:

Man this just shows Seahawks fans are bandwagon as fuck. All this fake
emotion and women who don’t even kno about football just jumpin around for

Vape BeAsTz says:

their celebrating but their not beating the patriots

Final Phlash says:

Question: Does she know who Shaun Alexander is?

OliverWitherspoon says:

These people have a mental disorder! This kind of fan has an addiction to
the game that is EXACTLY like gambling. Gambling addicts react the same
way. SEEK HELP! #getalife These kinds of football fans are rabid. They
pick fights, blow off friends and family for the game, go into deep
depression when their favorite team loses. it’s a sickness.

Look at how the Packers fans kids react. Is that really a lesson for
American kids?

Sports is great (when you’re playing in the game or supporting your high
school, etc..), exercise, leadership, sportsmanship, leaning to be a team
player, leaning to lose gracefully. All great lessons for life. BUT this
is not that kind of lesson.

I know I’m going to get a lot of haters for this post, especially Hawks
fans. I’m from Seattle so I’m not clueless to how people are about football
in this town. In fact, it’s these kinds of fans that have made me decide to
avoid professional football entirely. So hate all ya want, you’ll just
reinforce my point. 

Lazarus Kabrareah says:

As a Patriots fan I have to say kudos to the Seahawks and congrats on
reaching the Super Bowl for the 2nd straight season. That was an INCREDIBLE
game and I was certainly thrilled watching it. Best of luck in the Super
Bowl, it’s sure to be a fun one. 

cuddlepartyatmyhouse says:

I wanted to choke that girl who was moaning and kicking her legs. If any
guy did that at a football party, he’d be knocked out immediately. 


bet the asian girl and the guy crying started liking the seahawks last year
when they won now they will claim they are real lifelong fans 

Alex Franklin says:

I would love to see a video of Seahawks fans celebrating before 2012. 38
years of Utter Dog Shit Football and now the 12th man is everywhere.The
12th man is such a joke they should be called

“The Just recently showed up to cheer for a team I didn’t even know existed
in Seattle until we made the Super Bowl last year man”

“They are a great loyal fan base”
– The SuperSonics

Kenny Alanya says:

Dislike. All of these were weak celebrations compared to “football” and by
that I mean the one were you actually use your foot. 

SupremacyMD says:

it was a GREAT game those niggers played!!!! GO Seahawkls!!!! Those niggers
will repeat!

La Molcajete says:

“Is it over?” But wait, I thought every Pack fan knew everything there is
to know about football? But hey at least you guys aren’t crying for the OT
rules to change like Denver

Fokis Gaming says:

For all you people saying “Bandwagon fans”.. What is your point? There will
be bandwagon fans in every city, it’s the way people are. It’s not like
Seattle somehow statistically has more bandwagon fans than any other
city… It’s fucking human nature…

Aj Rucci says:

Bandwagon fans, bandwagon fans everywhere

TheRuthlessRanter says:

And here is your typical American. Screaming about a worthless football
game while their country is becoming a tyrannical dictatorship ruled by the
global elite.

Richy Rich says:

I’m not a fan of either, but i did go nuts in the last minutes & Over-time
cause it was pretty Amazing.

Neidesd says:

As a Cleveland Ohio-n I will NEVER experience this

da fuq says:

Look at all them bandwagon fans

moon starr says:

You realize this was rigged game??? These type of endings make people huge
money in vagas.

Ezzy says:

Damn these people have nice houses.

Logan0775 says:

The Seahawks just suck there going to lose in the Super Bowl. The packers
are way better they just lost because we had hurt players. Again Seahawks
are going to lose 

The_HBK_23 says:

Seahawks Fans, Est. 2013

rob s p says:

Is it just me or do you guys find it very disturbing and annoying when
dorky women are that much into sports? I was in a bar watching ufc 182 and
the bitches there went crazy as fuck. You almost wanna tell these hoes to
“sit down, know their roles and shut their fucken mouthes for once. This is
guys night out bitch.” 

Oliver Solorzano says:

Some of these celebration videos like the first couple ones and a few other
videos look like they where filmed at night. You can see some of the house
windows and it looks dark outside, I don’t get it? Unless they live abroad.
The game started at noon (pacific time) out here in the west coast. However
the game ended around 3pm pacific so it might have been around 6pm in the
east coast and it might have been dark already. Therefore some of these
celebration videos might have been from Seahawks fans living in the east

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