Al Harris interception return vs Seahawks, wild card game 2003

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El esquinero Al Harris le da la victoria a Green Bay con una intercepción en tiempo extra, en los playoffs, juego de comodines 2003.

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MrTubs911 says:

hahaha reliving the past! foolish green bay fans!

tyler spencer says:

Wish that happened 5 days ago

RedSoxNation92 says:

To be fair Hasselbeck DID throw the game winning pass….

Jet Lee says:

Reason why hasslebeck is a backup

Joey Jojo says:

like almost every player from the Seahawks, COCKY as fuck!!! aside from
Russel Wilson the rest of them are as ARROGANT as fuck! i pray to God they
lose this year

TheRatedD says:

*This was classic*

TheHood Gamer says:

Lmao “We want the ball we’re going to score” *5 mins later* dives on ground
after Al Harris while he scores 

Brian Seefeldt says:

Getting psyched for today’s NFC Championship game #GoPackGo

Packersfan 90099 says:

i love Larry McCarren’s color commentating on this play hahah GO PACK!!!!

Sean Schlater says:

I will never forget this moment! Thank you Al Harris

favrerules04 says:

That boys and girls is what you call “Instant Karma”. Awesome.

Ellington jones says:
Giancarlo Bonilla says:

I wonder what would have been worse, this or if he had tackled harris,
resulting in a game winning field goal

johnstjohn1987 says:

Matt Hasselbeck sucked ass. He was the sole reason the Seahawks haven’t won
a Superbowl title. Good thing you got Wilson now.

Steve mayo says:

I miss 31 best cb ever

JohnieBeGood12 says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

jlanierea says:

they lost to eagles next round so………….

Peter Vang says:

Lol @ hasselbeck, still gives me goose bumps

Alvin Dao says:

worst game ever

John Doe says:

This still hurts as a hawks fan, this is why when we were up 22-0 at
halftime in the super bowl, I still thought we would lose lol

Caleb Wulfekuhle says:

A lot of “Seahawks Fans” probably don’t even know who Matt Hasselback is 

Ameed Musleh says:

Thanks God that Holmgren & Hasselbeck out of Seattle ! Welcome Carroll &
Wilson 🙂 

Shundal Tillman says:

Green bay all day

Jordan Fitzgerald says:

Al Harris was awesome…a great player. This is one of my favorite moments
in Packer history.

Focusyn says:

enjoy the victory, you Midwest rubes.

bbfreak101 says:

Still cant believe i had the pleasure of being at this game!

brotherhood says:


jjbeerj says:

Hasselbeck’s a good dude. He’s the one guy who would get a pass for saying
that shit.

Firstname Lastname says:

And the best thing about it???? I was there! :D

cowboy1nation says:

+Chinwe’s Sports Blog lol he did say a classic line! You predicted it

Trainking922 says:

Greatest moment of the early 2000’s!

Jeremy Ratajczyk says:

Hasselbeck said he was going to score, and he threw a touchdown pass. He
held up his end of the prediction.

David Gee says:

All those good receivers and Hasselbeck throws to Bannister. Probably my
worst Seahawk moment.

Matt H says:

I believe that Hasselbeck meant we want the ball and THEY’RE going to

shmikes G says:

@0:17 Hasselbeck “We want the ball so Al Harris can score”

D2Kprime says:

You heard Larry McCarren yelling before Al Harris even caught the ball!

GreenBay Packer Nation says:

In light of the fact that Al Harris will be retiring as a Packer… my
favorite Harris INT…

ajkk909 says:

we’re gonna score lol what a jackass

57rfx says:

finally got the ball and scored :)

Matty Monti says:

will always be one of the best CB’s the packers have had

BirdmanPB says:

Dreadlocks in his wake!!

lakerspackers11 says:

retired as a packer. a TRUE packer

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